Chris Brown Sues Omarion & Claims That He Stole The Song 'Post To Be' From Breezy

Lawsuit of $300k?

Chris Brown Sues Omarion & Claims That He Stole The Song 'Post To Be' From Breezy

BMG has filed a lawsuit against Omarion and Lable for continuing to make a profit out of the song 'Post To Be'. The damages that BMG claims are more than $300k. The company claims that Omarion's track is identical in almost everything from beats to rhythm.

What Omarion will do now and how he's going to react is still not answerable, but let's find out everything about this case.

Omari Ishmael Grandberry or Omarion



This American singer, songwriter, dancer and actor is best known for his work like singles 'Bump Bump Bump', the same song which reached number one on the Billboard 100 hot songs list. His album O (2005) also received Grammy Awards nomination.

Omarion may go to jail?


BMG music company has filed a lawsuit against Omarion. He released a song called 'Post to be' which is very identical with the beats of Chris Brown's song 'Came To Do.'

Chris Brown


Chris Brown became a star with his first album when it topped the Billboard 200 charts in the year 2004. He has given some amazing song since then and has worked with the stars like Lil Wayne, Rihanna, Tyga, Nicki Minaj, The Game, etc.

Omarion featured Chris in that song?


Chris Brown's song of which BMG holds the copyright, and the same song which Omarion stole from Breezy, features Chris Brown. Chris is still silent about everything. 

The whole Lawsuit is a trap to promote album X? 


Chris Brown's album 'X' completed two years a few days ago and within a week of this celebration, BMG has filed a lawsuit on Omarion. The song for which Omarion was sued, features Chris Brown.

Here's the Chris Brown song 'Came to do'. 

BMG said that because of this it has faced damages to their original structure of over $150 k.

Is this song copied from Chris Brown?

It might be possible that BMG wanted to promote this song and album 'X' on its second anniversary. It is hard to predict how both parties will negotiate over this.

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