Couple On Vacation To Mashobra Hills Met A Driver Who Changed Their Idea Of Life

Connections are made in heaven, here's the proof.

Couple On Vacation To Mashobra Hills Met A Driver Who Changed Their Idea Of Life

They met by chance and separated, but their hearts stayed connected.

In a hectic life where our travel starts with opening the laptop to visit new Google tabs and ends with mobile screen light piercing through our retina, it is only a dream to take out time for actual traveling. And if you are the CEO of a budding startup, then your customized dictionary has already got the word 'travel' updated to 'business travel', all by default.

We should travel not to escape life but for life to not escape from us. 

A power couple of Ananya Singhal and Vinay Singhal, workaholics as they deserve to be called, decided to meet life and turn the page of their life's book when they went on a trip to Mashobra Hills only to get the surprise of their life.

Let's travel through their eyes.

Mashobra hills, Shimla (India)

Mashobra hills

Misty hills, trees of cedar and deodar, apple orchards, blissful river and serene beauty of nature, this is all this beautiful place, 13kms away from Shimla, has to offer you. With the temperature ranging from 8 degrees to 30 degrees, this place is mostly covered with vegetation.

Mashobra offers you a wide range of stuff to make your travel adventurous. The activities like Camping, Biking, Trekking from Fagu to the village of Chharabra, Paragliding, Rappelling, Birdwatching (Himalayan Eagle, Chikors etc), River rafting, Quad biking, Skiing in winters and visiting Mahasu Peak Temple to enjoy the local festival, help you to make hundred percent out of your holiday.


The ''real essence of travel''

Mashobra hills trekking

When Mrs Singhal and her husband headed their way to Mashobra, lesser did they know about how their normal travel was going to be changed to a unique one. They, however, went to the place with a strict mindset to meet the locals and understand their way of life.

The offbeat travel

selfie travel

In their pursuit of an offbeat travel, they met Ishwar bhaiya, the driver to the vehicle they hired for the day.

They just had gotten comfortable in the vehicle when Ishwar bhaiya enquired about the places they want to visit and this is what he received in reply, ''We don't want to visit tourist places, we'll rather love to go to some good place that's least visited.''

To which Ishwar bhaiya replied- ''Kyun nahi (Say no more)''

A day well spent

Mashobra hills

The driver took them 40 kms away from where they were staying in a hotel in the city and that's when the surprises started to unwrap. They reached the Sutlej River bank after a good 2kms trek down the hill that gave their spirit the feeling of walking on an untrodden path.

Sutlej River secrets

Sutlej River secrets

A very cool and mysterious finding came up when Mrs Singhal told us this- ''I was just having a few words with the locals and that's when a kind person told me about the holiness of the water of Sutlej and the fact that it is the only river that does not end up in a sea.''

She was talking about a common belief of the people residing on the banks of River Sutlej that says that the water of river has enormous disease curing benefits. This comes handy to the travelers who are looking for healing of any ailment as it's believed that the water (coming right from the Himalayas) has the purity that can have a great impact on its consumer's health.

Tip: One has to first believe in this magic to receive benefits of it.

Also, not to forget the pulley shown in the image above takes you to another breathtaking adventure trail where you get to cross the river sitting on an open hanging-trolley.

Journey to the unknown

Journey to the unknown

It was late in noon that day when the couple felt the rats jumping inside their belly and asked the driver if he knows any local Dhaba (restaurant). The driver, to the couple's surprise, asked them to visit his house for food as his place was nearby to their location at that point in time.

The couple could not discard the cordial invite from their kind helper..

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Don't read ahead and just wait on this image to see where Ishwar uncle lives. The background of his home has the most scenic beauty that can ever bless anyone.

Moving ahead, the couple reached Ishwar bhaiya's home and met with other family members living there. They also received a great welcome from Ishwar bhaiya's sister (bua ji) and this is what followed...

Atithi Devo Bhava

Home cooked food

Buaji wasted no time and showed no sign of tiredness in cooking food for the visitors. She tried her best to bring out the amazing cook in her and satisfy the visitors in the most awesome of the ways possible.

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Her face said it all

Home cooked food

Unlike the nasty world that we live in, where selfishness prevails like an epidemic, buaji's wrinkled face was directing towards her selflessness. She cooked the food not because she hoped for anything in return, but because this is what her values asked her to do. Because she believes that a visitor is none lesser than God and to serve God, is divine.

Simplicity at its best

Desi food

What we look here is a simple mix of vegetables, fresh served chapattis, raw onion and a sweet dish served in an Indian plate but what the couple saw on the plate was nothing but love and blessings served hot for them.

What better can you expect when you're 1000kms away from your place?

Who all want a home like that?

Hilly houses

If you ask me, I will say that no technology, no multinational company, no glittery gadget, no bungalow, no car or nothing for that matter can compare real happiness, and that happiness is independent of anything.

These guys living in the toughest of conditions are happy that way, need I say any more?

Striking an SRK pose with his real life Kajol

Striking an SRK pose with his real life Kajol

Behind every successful man is a woman and behind every successful couple is a deep understanding. At least this is what these guys have proved by taking out time from their super busy schedule to give each other the quality time and take a trip that not many take.

Wait, is it over? Not yet! A surprise is still left!

A family that eats together stays together

A family that eats together stays together

Mr Vinay Singhal now has 2 sisters as well. Buaji's daughters Monika and Radhika were so good to him that he couldn't help himself from adhering and gifting himself with another proud relation.

How will he do justice to the relation? He will be trying his best to visit his sisters whenever he gets time and he also will be a regular when it comes to calling and knowing their health how's.

Isn't it precious? We need more such people!

Thanks to Ishwar bhaiya

Thanks to Ishwar bhaiya

Yes, such a respectful man is hard to find in the times when the crime rate is going up. But it's the man like these that generate that hope of a good world in us.

Love and care for all!

Love and care for all!

Chocolates, roses, blessings and good words, that's all we can gift you with. In our hopes, we just want good people who love everyone and if this lesson can be taught only by traveling, then please travel.

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