NASA's Announcement: Jupiter's Moon Europa Has Possible Water Plumes

NASA found something serious on Europa but they are not aliens.

NASA's Announcement: Jupiter's Moon Europa Has Possible Water Plumes

NASA is making announcements on some unbelievable results of the observation campaign of Europa, i.e. Jupiter's moon. During a press conference, the representatives of NASA are briefing whatever they discovered. Media conference is still going on.

Read on to find the details. And stay tuned for more updates.

Via NASA Press Conference

Hubble capturing images

Hubble capturing images

Hubble Space Telescope above Earth, photographed during STS-125, Servicing Mission 4, May 2009.


So, NASA found water on Europa!

Showing the possible plumes on Europa.

Previous activities on Europa.

A comparison of 2014 transit and 2012 Europa aurora observations. The raw transit image, left, has dark fingers or patches of possible absorption in the same place that a different team (led by Lorenz Roth) found auroral emission from hydrogen and oxygen, the dissociation products of water.

Europa plumes animation video.

Artist's concept: Astronomers using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have imaged what may be water vapor plumes erupting off the surface of Jupiter's moon Europa. If the plumes, indeed, emerge and rain down on the surface, it may be much easier to access material that was once in the ocean of Europa.

Suspected plumes

Europa transit illustration. Europa orbits Jupiter every 3 and a half days, and on every orbit it passes in front of Jupiter, raising the possibility of plumes being seen as silhouettes absorbing the background light of Jupiter.

Hubble captured Europa's sequences.

Hubble captured Europa's sequences.

Hubble time-lapse sequence of images showing Europa crossing in front of Jupiter while Jupiter moves and rotates behind Europa.

Does Europa have more water than Earth?

That's incredible, as it is confirmed by NASA.

Europa VS Enceladus

The concept of water presence on Europa.

The concept of water presence on Europa.

Scenario for getting water to Europa's surface. Artist's conception of ridges and fractures on Europa.

A news that is driving people crazy!

So, NASA has confirmed that Europa has the presence of water, and it is fantastic.

What do you think of this discovery? Images from NASA.