Joseline Hernandez Was Rushed To Hospital For Apparent Baby Problems

Will she have to drop the baby idea?

Joseline Hernandez Was Rushed To Hospital For Apparent Baby Problems

Well, for all the Joseline Hernandez  fans out there, this is not a good news. She is hospitalized and may need to take a bed rest to recover. You might be wondering what happened to her?

The Puerto Rican princess is hospitalized due to severe ache in her stomach. She is soon going to become a mother and Josline thought that it would be good to consult a doctor regarding the pain. She went to the doctor and this happened later.

Josline Hernandez



She's the queen of showbiz. An actress by profession, Joseline has managed to gain popularity all around the world.

Famous for?


Well, A lot of things. A lot and lot and a lot of things. She's mainly known for her remarkable performances in some reality shows, and one of them is Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.

Showing off her baby bump


Joseline is showing off her baby bump proudly in front of the media and her fans. She is not at all shy about it and always open to talk about it.

It was during the fitness session when...


...She felt severe pain in her stomach, her fitness trainer Jason Lobdell then asked her to stop the fitness routine and visit a doctor to see if the baby is all right.

Jason Lobdell


Joseline rushed back to the hospital from her fitness center, and Jason actually took care of her while she was working out during her pregnancy.

Doctors said that...


...It is normal, and women are expected to feel some pain in their stomach during pregnancy, and it is unfortunate for some women that they feel pain more severe than others.

Abdominal pain


Doctors said to Joseline: "Abdominal pain is normal during pregnancy as all your organs are shifting, your uterus expanding, and your ligaments are stretching. And let's not forget morning sickness."

We hope that Joseline Hernandez gets well soon and all our prayers are with her. Pray for the Puerto Rican princess Joseline Hernandez.

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