14 Epic Cheerleading Fails Caught On Camera

It's okay, sometimes shit happens!

14 Epic Cheerleading Fails Caught On Camera

Every sport now has that glamour factor with cheerleaders encouraging their players and also entertaining the crowd with their moves and dance. It is a pleasure to watch them taking away the crowd. Behind their splendid moves and performances is a huge amount of perspiration that makes them spontaneous and flexible. I know we must not laugh when someone gets hurt, but I couldn't resist myself from having it when these cheerleaders created a mess.

Here we bring to you some of the epic failures of cheerleaders which the cameras couldn't hide.

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1. That one bad jump


I mean, how well they prepared for the perfect show. Even good lucks were exchanged (if you watched closely) but the jumper absolutely ruined the prep.

2. Wait... What was she doing there when she knew it was the showtime!

She must have been thrashed badly somewhere, I think.

3. Oh! That must have hurt really hard.

Lack of practice scenes.

4. When you know it is not going to work out.

And your friends can't help you even!

5. Poor attempt!

Better luck next time guys.

6. I totally sympathize with you girls.

We all know, how bad it feels to fall short when the whole act is just about to end.

7. Lazy girl!

Did she even try attempting that jump?

8. Oops!

I guess they didn't make a note of whether the floor was clean or not before their performance.

9. Hey girl, we all could see your immense love for ice.

Did you notice how 'deeply' she was in love with the ice?

10. Poor synchronization, girls!

Have a look at that one girl who probably missed the beat to take her move. But the others kept up the spirit of 'the show must always go on'. We caught you, girl!

11. You had just one chance girl, JUST ONE CHANCE!

It is true that the captain is criticised the most when the team loses. For sure the girl must have faced so. The opponents clearly took advantage of it and nailed the show.

12. I guess, she was more interested to swim than dance.

Have a look at how she missed one step and fell into the swimming pool.

13. When you want everyone out of your way.

13. When you want everyone out of your way.

I wonder how hard the girl must have been hurt.

14. All in one!

Have a look at these glimpses of the funniest fails at cheerleading and make your friends and family laugh with you.

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