Most Shocking Reasons Why Angelina And Brad's Marriage Failed

So this is why there is not a Brangelina anymore!

Most Shocking Reasons Why Angelina And Brad's Marriage Failed

"Marriages are made in heaven, destroyed on earth." 

You googled it, gossiped with your friends, discussed it with your colleagues but still the answer still doesn't seem to make an appearance anywhere. The question is the same, why Angelina Jolie filed for a divorce from Brad Pitt? 

Living together with him for such a long time and then what made her take such a big step? Well, it could be anything, and here we'll try to mention some of those reasons that forced Angelina to make this heartbreaking decision.

Angelina Jolie



One of the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and winner of many awards, Angelina Jolie has fans all around the world.

Do you know what she said a few months ago?


Starting her career with the low-budget film Cyborg 2 in the year 1994, Angelina says; I never thought that I'd be able to make it this big. I have everything that one woman need in her life, success, career, husband, children, some friends, and family.

Was she in a live-in relationship at the age of 14? 


Angelina had confessed before that she was in a live-in relationship with her boyfriend at the age of 14. She also said, "he used to live with me, in my room, and we lived for years together. I asked my mom to keep us together, or I will go and live with him on the street.

Breaking up with him was very hard for me, and that decision forced me to dedicate all my life to acting."

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt split.


Angelina filed for divorce. She didn't share this with anyone and kept Brad in the dark about her decision to split.

Why Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt parted ways? 


If I am to guess the reason then there could be many, some of them are so real that you may relate.

Angelina hired a private detective? 

Angelina hired a private detective? 

Reports are out that Angelina hired a private detective to uncover Brad Pitt and his extramarital affair with Marion Cotillard. We couldn't deny this as the chances of this being true are quite high. Brad Pitt's record is not very clean when it comes to his relationship with co-stars.

Is Angelina concerned about the safety of her children? 


Angelina is scared about the growing drug addiction that Brad has developed and his unpredictable violent temper is not good for the couple's adopted six children. Angelina even requested the court to give her the physical custody of children.

Brad didn't allow her to pursue a political career? 


Angelina wanted to join the British House of Lords for which she was required to become a tax-paying British citizen. Due of this, she decided to sell her Chateau Miraval, the estate, and winery the couple owns in Correns, France. Pitt wanted to keep that property which has its moat.

It'd be confirmed once Angelina speaks about it in public!


"Loving is one part of life, marriage is another, but out of all, the most painful is separation." 

Angelina is still to open her mouth about it, and we haven't heard any word from her since she filed for the divorce. All our doubts will be cleared once she attends a conference with media persons.

We wish both of them all the happiness in their life! And hope that this doesn't turn out to be unfortunate for any of them.

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