Leaked Online: The Game Rapper And Nicki Minaj Sex Tape (Video) 

Rapper The Game share intimate moments with Nicki Minaj!

Leaked Online: The Game Rapper And Nicki Minaj Sex Tape (Video) 

Omg! What am I doing here? It is unbelievable; someone leaked the sex tape of The Game and Nicki Minaj private moments. I've been hearing that there's some feud going on between rapper The Game and pop star Nicki Minaj's boyfriend, Meek Mill, but this is the most shameful thing that one can ever do after their feuds. 

The source and the person who leaked the video is still unknown, but this video may ruin Nicki Minaj's public image. Someone stalked the couple and captured their intimate moments. Who is the culprit? Meek Mill?

Nicki Minaj



American rapper and songwriter has always denied doing any sex scenes in her movies and even when her fans demand it, she responds saying that doing those scenes on screen is indecent and doesn't exist in her dictionary. 

Hip Hop recordist Meek Mill stalked the couple and recorded their sex tape?


The Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend doesn't look so happy about the way his relationship with Nicki came to an end. He is arguing with rapper The Game because he is now close to singer Nicki and they're having some good time together.

Rapper The Game claiming that sex tape is fake!


The Game and Meek Mill are having some serious row over this and even cracked some jokes about each other. They took this feud to Instagram and even uploaded some photoshopped pictures to insult each other.

I don't believe that Meek would do this.


The hip hop recordist uploaded this picture on his Instagram account. What is he trying to prove? And this kind of stuff that he has done before make us doubt, that he might be the culprit behind the sex tape.

See how The Game replied in return!


Rapper The Game then uploaded this picture on his Instagram, proving that he is with Nicki Minaj and doesn't care what Meek Mill has to say about her. He said "If Nicki would take your followers back, then you'll come back to 100k Meek Mill".

I wonder what Nicki will do now.


Nicki is still to respond after all this took place. She is maintaining the silence, and The Game said that he will make sure Meek Mill doesn't come close to her, but maybe he already did and leaked their intimate moments online.

The reason behind sex tape.


The Game also uploaded this picture on his Instagram with an abusive caption and greeted Meek Mill with slang. He claimed in this picture that Meek Mill is calling him and begging for his forgiveness. What Meek Mill did after this is unexpected from him.



Lovebscott.com links to Facebook is showing this video and the sex tape, but all the sites are getting blocked one by one. Many other small sites like Exclusiveworldpremiere.tv claim to have the clip from the video, but when you open it, the page shows a message "Blocked." 

I really wonder what is going on between these three and who would shoot that video which is now not available on the internet.

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