Celebrating The Life Of Amy Winehouse On Her Birthday

Story of five times Grammy Awards winner!

Celebrating The Life Of Amy Winehouse On Her Birthday

Expelled from Sylvia Young Theatre school for her pierced nose and super attitude, Amy Winehouse went on to become, the most celebrated soul singer of the 21st century. Her album Back to Black had become for some time in the UK, the best album of the 21st century. 

Winning hundreds of awards worldwide and dying at the age of 27, 'the story of the life of Amy Winehouse is heart-wrenching.'

Born in North London to Jewish couples.



Amy's father was a taxi driver and mother, a pharmacist. It was her family that influenced her interest in jazz music.

In 1992, her grandmother Cynthia suggested her to learn music.


She was then admitted to Susi Earnshaw Theatre School where she learned basics of vocal music and Tap dance.

Amy's first album released in 2003.


After earning some recognization as a soul singer, many recording companies wanted to work with her. Her first album 'Frank' released in October 2003. She also co-wrote the songs of the album.

Fame worldwide


In 2006 - 07, Amy went on to do some musical tour, and it helped her to get international fame. The audience from different parts of the world started listening to her songs.

She was a sultry, funny and somewhat crazy impulsive singer.


It was her song 'Rehab' released in the year 2007 that had won her 3 Grammy Awards. Amy's Rehab had won Song of the Year, Record of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocals performance.

Her originality seduced everyone.


Rehab song launched Amy as the most impactful soul singer. The song was about her life and how she struggled with music. The song ranked in the U.S. 'Top 10' charts.

The death of her grandmother.


Amy's grandmother helped her in bad times and her death forced Amy to do more alcohol and drugs. In 2007 she cancelled her tour to UK and Europe due to ill health and other issues.

Amy was spotted dating and even got married, but nothing worked out.


Amy was dating a chef-musician Alex Claire while she was on a break with her on-off boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil.

She married Fielder-Civil in the year 2007, and their relationship was horrifying and made both of them drug-addicted, increased domestic violence and public fights. Amy divorced him in the year 2009.

Amy Winehouse had won five Grammy Awards.


The list of her other awards nomination is huge.

And then she died, leaving everything behind.


The US audience and celebrities were saddened when they heard that Amy Winehouse was found dead in her room, by her bodyguards. Amy's bodyguard confirmed that she usually slept late after the night out parties, and she had just returned from the party and was listening to her own music, laughing and watching television from 2:00am till 10:00pm. 

At 3:54pm, the bodyguard sensed silence in her room and went to check her, he saw that she was lying in the same position for hours now, he called the police, ambulances and they declared her dead on the spot. According to forensics, the content of alcohol increased in her blood which caused unintentional sudden death. Amy died at the age of 27. 

"Achieved so much, and then leaving everything behind. Amy's life was a roller coaster ride."

A documentary that depicts the life of Amy Winehouse.

Released in July 2015, a documentary created by Asif Kapadia won Academy Award for the best feature documentary which depicted the life of Amy Winehouse using her real footages.

Amy is not with us, but her songs will always remind us of her soulful voice and music.

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