The Identity Of Tika Sumpter's Baby Daddy Has Been Revealed And He Is H-O-T!

Now, who is this person?

The Identity Of Tika Sumpter's Baby Daddy Has Been Revealed
And He Is H-O-T!

In an interview, Tika Stumper revealed who is the real father. No, not about her father, but the father of the baby that she's going to deliver next month.

The face of her baby's father is now revealed, she shared it in an interview which she gave on Sunday.

You'll be shocked to death by knowing his name, Tika Stumper is now much more excited about her pregnancy.

The gorgeous lady is proud and feeling empowered.



She said the pregnancy makes her feel more empowered and joyful.

Tika appeared on many interviews on Sunday...


...where she finally confessed about who will be the father of her baby.

It was her boyfriend who guessed about her pregnancy.


Tika Stumper also told in the interview that it was funny that her boyfriend guessed about her pregnancy and once it was confirmed, she wanted to shout it in the air.

And then she shared everything with her mother.


The American actress and television host was so happy about her pregnancy that she shared everything with her mother.

Tika's mom was equally excited and asked her about the expected date.

Later, she revealed her boyfriend.


She said, my relationship with my boyfriend does not depend on a ring. He loves me to the death, and I will love him till the end.

The sultry actress shared her equation of pregnancy.


So here it is Irrational demand for Big Mac and Coke followed by a nap = Pregnancy. You don't need Tracy Morgan.

While enjoying her pregnancy, she also loves to work along with it.


Now, Lady Stumper is getting herself photographed in all the ways possible. She already started clicking pictures with her baby.

Confessed that she' has been dating Nicholas James.


Tika Stumper confessed and announced that she's dating her co-star from the Tyler Perry's show 'The Haves and Have Nots.' They have been seeing each other since one and a half year now. 

On keeping the relationship secret all these years.


Saying that social media can be harsh, and accepting her hesitancy in wanting any stress and difficulties for Nicholas and me.

She did it her way.


Tika Stumper did it her way she said. She wanted to announce the pregnancy in her way at the right time.

We hope that Tika and Nicholas stay together always and may God bless them with a baby soon.

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