Shah Rukh Khan Has Something Special For His Fans...

King of romance knows how to win the hearts!

Shah Rukh Khan Has Something Special For His Fans...

"Thank you for walking beside me, making me feel special"- Shah Rukh Khan

The king of hearts and the man who taught the world how to fall in love. Bollywood superstar who is loved and known in more than 100 countries, Shah Rukh Khan is back on Instagram.

Shah Rukh Khan or SRK uploaded these two very cute videos on his Insta account for thanking all his fans worldwide.

SRK is busy shooting Imtiaz Ali's next film.



Shah Rukh Khan is busy in shooting his upcoming 'The Ring' with 'Rockstar' director, Imtiaz Ali.

He even shared this image on his Instagram.


I wonder what it would be like to see a movie when the director is Imtiaz Ali and actor is superstar SRK.

He never forgets his roots, wherever he may reach.


Shah Rukh always takes out time for interacting with his friends and wishing them on festive occasions.

Always giving his followers a reason to smile.


He uploaded this video on Instagram with a Dutchman. He's teaching him how to say "Kachcha papad, pakka papad."

And this post of SRK will make you fall in love with him and AbRam.


Lately, SRK shared this clip of his son AbRam, and himself masquerade as spider man. Watch this clip and you'll fall in love with both of them.

He's even spotted sometimes sharing #srkinstagyaan.


He's not only posting some random stuff on Instagram but also shares some profound and meaningful thoughts that flow in his mind.

Let's have a look at #srkinstagyaan.


"The distance between you and the world around you can only be closed by the Innocence"- #srkinstagyaan

Shah Rukh Khan made this video on his own for his fans.


"While Fans are busy in loving him, he never forgets to love them back." 

In this amazing video, SRK thanks his fans for walking beside him and for loving him deeply. The unique part is that he made this video on his own using his phone.

He made two versions of the videos.


He made this video in two parts as Instagram has its limitations, but nothing can stop him.

The most loved superstar around the world in the history of Indian cinema.


No one would deny that he's the most loved superstar in the history of Indian cinema. He's known for his films and kind gestures around the world. 

The list of his movies and fans is growing with greater than ever speed, and we hope it keeps on growing, after all, this guy knows how to keep fans happy.

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