5 Life Lessons That Akira Movie Taught Us

An inspiration for all the warrior women out there!

5 Life Lessons That Akira Movie Taught Us

Being a woman myself, I can rightfully say that we have fought throughout our lives, since our birth. From the creepy eyes of the wolves out there to the inner fight within, we have seen it all.

Girls you have a warrior soul. You are born fighters. Wear your scars as a piece of jewellery to remind yourself of the times you fought back.

Life will take many tests but a true warrior soul will gather herself back and take charge of her life.

I recently watched this movie, "Akira," and I liked it for the same expression that it brought out. It teaches some important lessons that will help every woman understand her inner-powers:

1. Start Self Defense Training: It is a compulsory thing for everyone now. Indian women are winning medals abroad. Times are changing very quickly. Why do we need someone to protect us when we can protect ourselves? For this start your training NOW.

2. Life may knock you down, get up and start over: You may face many hardships in life and it might knock you down many times. But hey, get up and get  strong. This is is your life. This is your chance. Take charge. Nobody can beat you down except yourself.

3. Believe in yourself: The only person who is never going to let you down is you. So believe in yourself. Trust yourself and as far as you believe in yourself, you will know how to live. 

4. You are your own knight, you are your own savior : You are your own hero. The only way you can save yourself from going on in a negative trip is by playing hard. So girls, wear your cape and be ready to protect the world.

5. Stand for yourself: Why do you want others to protect you or take a stand for you? You can do it for yourself.

A lesson well taught!

A lesson well taught!

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