18-Year-Old Instagram Star Is Breaking All The Stereotypes

She is taking the Internet by storm!

18-Year-Old Instagram Star Is Breaking All The

Faith J. Fuller is an 18-year-old girl who has taken the Instagram by storm these days. This Instagram star is breaking all the stereotypes with her #LetABitchLive hashtag. She uses a different approach for addressing the sensitive issues such as feminism, body positivity and mental health. 

Her posts depict that she has adequate understanding about gender equality and mental health. So, let's check out the pictures and posts of Faith J. Fuller which she posts with the intention of changing the outlook of society.  

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Faith J. Fuller left her last year of high school in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada.  



She is now pursuing to make her career in music. 

Faith is using her Instagram account to bring a change in the approach of people.  


She explained: "Since I was young, I've been passionate about having the freedom to use the voice I have for the issues that I encounter. The whole 'you can't do this you're a girl' stigma has never sat well with me and I've always spoken up against what I feel needs to be addressed and changed within society. When I was younger, I took a softer approach, but now I let it all out on my Instagram!" 

Sixteen weeks ago, she listened to the album Coloring Book and got inspired by it. 


Faith deleted her old Instagram account and made a new one reveal her flaws openly. 

This 18-year-old girl was bullied because of her skin and complexion. 


She wrote: "All skin and skin and skin // I was always made fun of for the way my skin looked. "Too many scars, too many freckles" everyone always found a reason to tell me I was flawed. "Your cheeks are so red" I would constantly get because of my rosy complexion due to rosacea. It took me a long time to accept my body and the skin I'm in. But I'm finally smiling from ear to ear, proudly embracing every scar, and freckle. Not a single thing anyone could say would make me hate those bright red cheeks of mine. All those "flaws" people love to point out so much... they make you, you. I'm in love with your flaws."

Faith posts about body positivity on her Instagram. 


She wrote: "I didn't do ballet since I was 6 to just hide my body. I am here for the girls who encourage confidence in one another no matter what form it appears in. No such thing as a hoe, no such thing as a bitch.. Nothing wrong with being promiscuous, nothing wrong with being self-sufficient. Do what makes you feel confident. If I happen to feel most confident half naked, well I'm going to absolutely own what is mine and do as I please to make me happy. I'll be proud in whichever state I chose. If that happens to be half naked then you bet your fucking ass I'm going to post pictures as revealing as I want and still be worthy of respect as I do so. #bodyposi #LETABITCHLIVE"

I feel that her posts about mental health are quite true. 


She wrote: "Black & White // A Series (of topics that really aren't black and white, get it? I thought that was clever. I know no one is going to read this but I wanted to put it out there in hopes it changes some people..) The first thing I want to talk about is mental illness. Recently it's come to my attention that a lot of people I care about, as well as myself, are having a hard time with people showing empathy. Depression isn't as simple as being sad. Anxiety isn't as simple as being shy. Borderline personality disorder isn't as simple as being unstable. Nothing that takes place in the human brain is simple. The things people don't talk about is the way mental illness isn't just a title for people who are "struggling". We need more education on mental illnesses, for example, people need to know that no, it isn't as simple as just ignoring it. Ignoring something doesn't make it go away. I'm here for the people who can't get out of bed because there's a weight in their heart that won't let them join the world. I'm here for the people who get so anxious they can't breathe. I'm here for the people who develop toxic habits from trying to cope with their mental illness. Self harm isn't just an act someone does for attention. Imagine being in so much pain you decide to hurt yourself in other ways to relive that. It doesn't just come in forms of cutting or self mutilation. It's drug addiction, or having sex with people who don't care about you to fill a hole. Or drinking until you can't see straight. Mental illness looks different for everyone. It's not poetic, it's not tragically beautiful. It's hell and ignorant people who wave off mental illness as just people being "crazy" are the root of the problem. Just because someone's brain works differently than yours, just because someone feels the world differently than you, doesn't make them crazy. Be empathetic, love the people around you. Especially the ones struggling with mental illness, we need it more than you know. #one"

Faith uses #LETABITCHLIVE hashtag to talk about various issues that are considered taboo in society. 


She wrote: "Black & White // A Series (OH MY GOD A PHOTO OF HICKIES R U GONNA BE O K?!?!?!? It's an old photo, we've all had them or will have them at some point #LETABITCHLIVE) The next topic I want to touch on is promiscuity. Men who take part in frequent sexual activity are often deemed as charming or players and it is simply ignored. Whereas, when a woman takes part in frequent sexual activity she is called a hoe. Every. Single. Time. She does what you were asking for and yet it's somehow her fault and now she's dirty? Double standards are often talked about but nothing is ever changed. Girls often preach acceptance but then are so quick to call each other a slut. Well damn, if she isn't hurting anyone what's the problem?! Girls are usually the first to shame sex workers which is really horrible because we need to support our sisters. We all deserve respect, ESPECIALLY those who work in the sex industry. As a woman I'll have to do enough to prove myself, I shouldn't have to worry about ridicule from other women. The "prude" and the "slut" are just phrases that were invented to tear down females. Don't buy into it and use it to hurt each other. It's never black and white. You don't have to pick. I'm here for the females who wanna get laid every night. I'm here for the females who want to save it for marriage. Because every single one of you is worth more than just your sexuality. If you don't like sex don't fucking have it but don't be an ignorant fucking walnut to people who do. Yes I called you assholes a walnut. Everyone wants the freedom to be themselves yet no one wants to be accepting when someone decides to utilize that freedom. We are all so special. We are all so capable of being loved. There's so much more to life than your "body count". Do what makes you happy. I've always been taught to do what I love, and do it often. #two"

She is also promoting #freethenipple hashtag. 


She wrote: "#freethenipple #LETABITCHLIVE oh look a picture of a female breast, are you gonna be okay? Women's body's are often hyper-sexualized and I've seen a lot of people say things like "don't use body positivity as an excuse to post slutty pictures" as if you don't spend half your life searching up porn or looking at half naked women but as soon as a woman wants to use her body for empowerment it's wrong. Don't let the word slut faze you and if you want to be promiscuous then do it, and do it with vigour and be passionate. The whole "your body is temple" notion is slightly toxic because it teaches girls that's all they have to offer. As if our bodies are the epitome of our being. But there are so many more things to worry about than how your body looks to other people. The best ass is the one that you were born with. The best stomach is the one that you feed. The best outfit is one that fits. The best body is a healthy one. Self love starts from within and believe me, the minute you believe you're beautiful is the minute you have all the power. Tell yourself that you are sexy, but also tell yourself that you are intelligent. You are one of kind and don't let anyone make you feel otherwise. It's never been a better time to be a woman. (Sorry mom it's all for the art.)"

She is becoming the voice of modern women. 


She explained: "I feel most empowered through my art and my opinions, so I love to share (them). Being mentally ill is something people have ridiculed me for my entire life, and I want to change the stigma around it. I want to change the stigma around independent, carefree, promiscuous women. I truly believe that if something is talked about enough it will gain acceptance, so I plan to use my Instagram to spread the ideology of my hashtag "#LetABitchLive," which is pretty self-explanatory."

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