Ranveer Singh Looks Freaky Sexy In These Photos (Find Who Is Jealous!)

And the prince had a hot body. That's all!

Ranveer Singh Looks Freaky Sexy In These Photos (Find Who Is Jealous!)

As much as the fans are drooling looking at Ranveer Singh posing all quirky in his latest Instagram posts, this photoshoot is much of a loving sight for all the girls out there. With 'Befikre' and his stunning picture promotions, hot vacation pictures, he is all set to prove that he is the man of the hour. 

With that mischievous face, hot bod, innocent eyes and that hell of voice, who won't die for this Greek God equivalent? I would.

While we all wait for his pictures eagerly, he gave us no surprise with his latest photoshoot for Hello! India's September 2016 issue and the inside pictures are too hot to handle. 

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He is just awesome!



Do you need anything else, but these eyes to look into? 

Ah, that style!

Spot on confidence. Love those glasses, though. 

Do I need to write down words now? https://twitter.com/RanveerPlanet/status/773214738914435072

Won't ever get tired. Will I? 

He is the king and we worship him. 




Right, when his pictures will make you tremble. 


Let's put a stop and go check out his Instagram profile. 

Ain't getting any sleep now.