Selena Gomez Will No Longer Perform... Heartbreaking!


Selena Gomez Will No Longer Perform... Heartbreaking!

Selenators are in shock and this is none of the Justin getting over Selena but she is suffering from Lupus. It was just last week when Selena Gomez announced it out loud in front of her fans that she will be taking a break from her singing and career due to her ongoing battle with Lupus. Dealing with a lot of anxiety and depression as the side effects of the disease, the revival singer needed some heavy R&R to recuperate. 

Recently all the Selenators in grief created a hashtag, #PrayForSelena pulling together all the love and sending her all their support for encouragement and a speedy recovery. Lupus is one hell of a disease and we want the angel all good. 

However, our lovely fandoms are supporting the same old love singer: Swifties, Harmonizers, Directioners, Lovatics, Arianators, and Beliebers, there are fans who are going crazy all over the social media. Isn't it an excellent example of love? Pulling together all the fandoms and sharing the same opinion on working together and supporting Gomez in her time of pain. 

Harmonizers started it off by calling out all the supporters and joining hands.  


Directioners and ZSquad supported her as well. 

Lovato sends out a creepy love note. 

Selena stood for Taylor for 10 long years, it's time she supports her bae back. 

Selenators shared their love. Isn't she an angel? 

Some even shared tips for Selena. 

She probably doesn't even know how many people she keeps happy. 

#PrayForSelena. Hope to see the angel good soon.