Trend Of Women Posting Pictures Of Their Thighs Is Going Viral. Here's Why!

#ThighsForJeaux for a reason.

Trend Of Women Posting Pictures Of Their Thighs Is Going Viral. Here's Why!

Anyone would be curious to know why are women posting pictures of their thighs on social media?
Earlier we saw trend such as 'A4 waist challenge' and 'Belly button challenge' which immortalize noxious obsession with the disorders such as Body Dysmorphic Disorder.
For now,  #ThighsForJeaux, a new positive body trend is going viral, which is good news. 

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We have come across many stories of body shaming across the world.



These days, women feel that the only way society will accept them if they'll have a perfect body.

 Started by a 21-yea-old girl named, Mixo, #ThighsForJeaux is trending now for a good reason.


According to her, posting unfiltered thighs on social media is helping a woman to develop positive attitude.

Now women are proudly posting snapshots of their thigh without filters on Instagram and Twitter.

This trend was earlier started on March 2015 to beat the heat but has been revived now.


The trend became viral after Mixo called out girls to share photos of their thigh, irrespective of how fat or imperfect their body is.

The trend has spread across all the social media platforms with many women posting images of their thigh along with positive and inspiring messages.

Originally started in South Africa, the movement has also attracted press courage.

In an interview, Mixo said, "Something that motivated me to start the hashtag is how often people/ women are judged for showing their thighs, especially if their thighs are deemed imperfect by societal standards."