8 Celebrities Who Farted In Front Of Camera 

Light, Camera, Action! Poof!

8 Celebrities Who Farted In Front Of Camera 

Light, Camera, Action! Poof! Celebrities are humans too. Red carpet, stardom can't control anyone's anal audio, right? You can't hold your back blast for a long time even if you're a celebrity.

Hold it! Ah! Hold it tight. It's your classroom dude. Wait! "Oh my God, did you hear that duck call!?" and finally, you become the booty bomb of your class. Passing gas in front of a single person can render us mortified.

What a gas! Celebrities are just like us, guys. Can you imagine how it feels to fart in front of the entire nation? What about breaking the wind on live television? While the very thought may increase your pulse rate this very minute, several celebrities have proudly done anal salute in front of the camera.

And thanks to the internet, those moments will live on forever.


1. Hillary Clinton


Even Democratic presidential nominee too had a gas problem!

2. Eva Mendes

Eva let out an air tulip, right? Hahahaha...

3. Rita Ora

The above tweet says it all. Rita Ora can sing from her anal too. Good going lady!

4. Cheryl Cole


5. Erik Estrada

Sometimes a punch can make you fart, right Erik?

6. Alyssa Milano

Flatulence can make you laugh hysterically, and it can also get you cry. Alyssa your second favorite word sounds good from your booty bomb.

7. Julianne Hough

During her dancing with The Stars days, Julianne Hough Burp out the wrong end after receiving some impressive scores from the judges.

8. Audrina Patridge

This might be the most famous outtake in the Hills history. Get out and walk Hill! You need some free space for your Turtle Burp.