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8 Questions That Can Piss Off Your Girlfriend During Sex

It's good to talk about things in relationships but there has to be a time for everything. Physical intimacy is good and healthy for a relationship but while love making there are certain things that must be kept in mind. 

Guys, read ahead and avoid asking any of these questions to your girlfriend, else she'll mess up everything. 

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8 Questions That Can Piss Off Your Girlfriend During Sex

8 Questions That Can Piss Off Your Girlfriend During Sex

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1. "You had last sex with whom?"


Dude, it's a personal question and last sex won't affect your intimacy so just shut your mouth and concentrate! 

2. "When did you have last sex?" 


OKAY boy, you can't ask this to me directly! 

3."How do you find my penis? Is it big enough?" 


Please, guys, stop asking these questions. It is pleasurable and that's it! 

4. "Is this the best sex you've ever had?"


Out of all guys with whom I made love, you were the best! Is this you want to hear? C'mon! 

5. "Can we make love without using a CONDOM?"


DON'T YOU DARE! You want a baby? Don't try it with me dude! 

6. "I think, you've put on weight, have you?"


Ugh! Dumb guys! Why can't you just focus on sex? Please stop asking lame questions! 

7. "With how many people you've had sex?"


Guys, you have nothing to do with her sex life experience. And why do you have to compare your sex life with mine? And why does that bother you? Horrible question! 

8. "Which position is best for you?"


Please no! Will you just stop picking her brain and do what you're supposed to? 

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