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10 Things Cheating Men Say All The Time

Being cheated on is one of the worst experiences in the world. You thought you could trust the person you love, but it turns out you are not the only one for him. Well, don't let yourself be fooled again by what your guy says.

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10 Things Cheating Men Say All The Time

10 Things Cheating Men Say All The Time

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1. "She doesn't mean anything to me at all." 


That is one of the most obvious things a cheating guy says. If some girl really isn't that important to him, he probably shouldn't feel so concerned about her all the time.

2. "I really do not want to lose you."


Once your guy cheats on you and you finally find out, he will realize that he's about to lose someone who loved and trusted him completely. Don't be sucked in by his words.

3. "I did not intend to hurt you."


When your boyfriend takes off the clothes of another woman, he's fully aware that he's cheating on you. 

4. "I actually only want to be with you."


Well, if that's true, your cheating boyfriend probably shouldn't have lied to you about having other women, right?

5. "I can't go home again, work's been hard lately."


If he says this and he has proof, then great. But if he doesn't even mention what he's actually doing, you should be worried.

6. "I'll do my laundry instead."


You might think that this is a way to help you rest, but he's probably hiding something, like a perfume smell or other stains.

7. "You are just not good enough for me."


Actually, you were doing a good job as a girlfriend. It's just that he isn't being a good boyfriend to you.

8. "You're cheating on me, aren't you?"


Now, the tables have turned. Because he's been caught cheating, he will try to justify it by accusing you of infidelity too.

9. "Please respect my privacy and don't get my phone."


At this point, his phone will have a lock screen and he won't show his phone screen to you whenever he texts other woman.

10. "She's just my friend."


If she's just a friend, he shouldn't be so defensive and you wouldn't have to be so hurt all the time.

What other common statements of cheating men do you know?

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