Unsung Sagas : Humans Of Pakistan

Unsung Sagas : Humans Of Pakistan

If someone asked me about my dream destination, without ado I would proudly shout India's own sister "Pakistan!!". The land of love, food and beauty.

A little while ago we had bought stories from Humans of India  and now we have the most wonderful tales from Humans of Pakistan because no matter how far we all are, the humanness that bounds us keeps the love for one another alive, Fragmented yet United we stand!

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"I think teenage is the friend-making and heart-breaking phase of your life. You learn to see the true colors of people, your best friends, your enemies." - "Tell me about your best friend." "I had one, she ditched me."

"When I was younger, a car passed over my foot accidentally and I didn't feel anything! Not even a little pain!" "Did you learn anything from it?" "Yes, whenever I face a big problem in life, I remind myself of that incident and try to be brave. After all, bravery is already inside me, I just need to use it."

"Everyone has a mask; mine is just visible."

"Once we used to believe there is a lot of beauty in this world. But I don't see that beauty anywhere right now. At least not here. At least not now. Every house is mourning. Every time I see a child cross the road I wonder how someone could end a life so innocent? I hope people start using their words carefully now. TTP is not an "ideology", they are criminals. They don't have any ideology, it's all a personal agenda for chaos. We can't sympathize any longer. We can't give them any margin anymore. Not after this. Wipe out your enemy, but don't wipe yourself out in the process, Pakistan. Please get out of this blame game, especially the political leadership. You need to do it for Pakistan. Step out and step up!"

"My mother just passed away. I was very attached to my mum and my happiest moment was when I came back to my home after spending 3 months in my village and I still remember her words when she hugged me: "Never leave me alone again." I know everyone takes their mothers for granted but trust someone who has lost theirs, a mother can never be replaced. She will always be the person who loves you the most. She can never be bad, and even if she acts harsh in anger, she will still care for you like nobody else can. Take care of her. Please, take care of your mother!" *wipes away fresh tears*

"I don't have a story so I will let my smile do the talking." "Why the smile?" "My smile is a direct extension to my personality. It's my mask and my image. It is who I am because I am a positive person. And it is who I hide, because I try to see the best in people and I want them to see the best in themselves. I hope that's the emotion I radiate, to make everyone around me happy as well. That's why the smile."

He appeared to be in a bad mood so I asked him what was bothering him. He refused to answer me and walked away. But upon my persistence, he pointed at his friends and accused, "Ye mujhey apny sath nahin khilaaty!" His friend replied, "Ye shikayatal-khor hai. sab ko shikayatein lagata rehta hai. !" When I looked back at the kid, this is what I saw. --------------------------------------------------------- He appeared to be in a bad mood so I asked him what was bothering him. He refused to answer me and walked away. But when I insisted, he pointed at his friends and accused, "They don't let me play with them!" His friend replied, "He is a snitch. He keeps complaining to everyone!" When I looked back at the kid, this is what I saw.

"When I read Umera Ahmed's "Peer e Kamil", it changed my life: it was so spiritual and motivating! I was religious before but this book changed me to the extent where I see religion as an integral part of life. One of the best things it motivated me to do was regular prayer. I would recommend this particular book to everyone who wants to explore love in both in practical and spiritual life. I think what you read ultimately has an everlasting impact on your life, so choose what you read carefully!"

*Heard whispers from the back* "Itna bara camera hai pas or mein nazar hi nahin rahi in ko. Faida camera ka jab pyary logon ki tasweerein hi nahin leni to" I turned around and saw this.

The girls on left and right are sisters. Girl on the right: "Me and my sister used to fight all the time. Then one day we had a very horrible quarrel." Girl on the left: "We didn't talk to each other for a long time." Girl in the middle: "I became friends with both and helped solve their fight. Now all three of us are best friends! That's friendship. So simple, yet so complicated but something none of us can live without!"

An example of a beautiful soul. Faith in humanity restored! "This rickshaw is available for transporting patients to the hospital without any fee/charges."

"I have this habit of writing my name everywhere. Sometime it is intentional, but mostly it isn't. I know it sounds weird." Her friend from the back said, "It's true! We weren't friends back when I slept during a class and she wrote her name on my arm. She does that. She writes her name on tables, chairs, walls, books, arms, palms...everywhere!"

"I just want to say to everyone abroad, please come to Pakistan, visit and see for yourself that the situation is not as bad as it is being portrayed on the media! Every country has its problems, every country has a small minority of people that cause trouble, not every country is perfect! In fact, majority of us are just as normal and peace loving as you perceive yourself to be! We are very friendly, sincere people who honor guests! I just want my country's bad image across the world to improve, and for them to know the real us!"

"Don't make fun of people with short heights. Ever seen the size of the box which holds a diamond ring? Expensive things always come in small packages!"

"I went to the hospital today, and while I was waiting for my sister to get a checkup, I looked up and saw this little kid sitting across from me. While the rest of the children in the waiting area were yelling, crying or annoying their mothers, he was sitting there quietly and observing all of them solemnly. He was so caught up in his silent observation that he didn't even notice when I tried to make him smile or atleast look at me. When he finally did, it was a long time before he took his eyes away. I felt that a picture of this adorable little human of Pakistan was a must!"