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12 Secret Terms Of Flight Attendants

There are various professions that comprise of secret language. The most commonly talked of is Doctor's handwriting.

But there are other professions also that involve code languages like that of waiters, butchers, teachers and flight attendants.

Yes, we all are aware of the secret language of flight attendants too but many of us would be unfamiliar with its meaning. On a lighter note, it does not certainly mean that the plane is about to crash and the attendants are preparing to strap their parachutes and jump out of the plane.

Let's have a look at the various terminologies of the flight attendants.

12 Secret Terms Of Flight Attendants

12 Secret Terms Of Flight Attendants

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1. "Prepare doors for arrival/departure"


This is called in emergencies where the evacuation slides are designed to automatically deploy with a blast of compressed carbon dioxide and nitrogen within six seconds.

2. "All-call"


This means the in-flight crew calls in from their assigned positions via the telephone intercom, conference-style.

3. "Jump Seat"


When someone stands up, the seat automatically closes of jumps.

4. "Bulkhead"


It is the dividing wall on the plane that separates the cabin seating from the gallery.

5. "Extender"


This is for the heavier passengers who could not connect the buckle and provides a belt length for about 25 inches.

6. "Demo"


This refers to the pre-flight passenger safety briefing.

7. "Equipment"


In the airline industry, the aircraft is known as equipment.

8. "Runners"


Runners refer to the passengers, coming from another flight that was late.

9. "The call button"


This button is used by the passengers when they are in need to call the attendants.

10. "Deadhead"


Sometimes, a crew member who is on duty flies as a passenger. If a crew member calls out "sick", he/she is requiring that person to replace an absent employee.

11. "Cross-check"


The doors of the plane are required to be rechecked before arrival or departure.

12. "Spinner"


Sometimes, a passenger arrives at the last moment and does not have a seat allotment. So, this is called by the flight attendants asking whether any seat is available or not. And therefore, the person waiting is called a spinner.

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