This Beauty Vlogger Can't Talk But Is Taking Over YouTube And It's Brilliant

Who says the inability to speak is a hindrance to success?

This Beauty Vlogger Can't Talk But Is Taking Over YouTube And It's Brilliant

Have you ever wanted to be a YouTube celebrity? Some achieve fame by playing popular video games while others excel in creating funny skits for millions of people to see. Others have makeup tutorials, just like this woman.

But there's something special about this beauty vlogger. Read on!

Meet Marimar Quiroa. 



Once, this beautiful lady was so afraid to show her face to the public.

Now, thousands of people love to watch her online.


The 21-year-old woman from California has a facial tumor, but it isn't a hindrance to her passion.

She uses sign language to communicate with people.


Her tumor called a cystic hygroma couldn't stop her from being successful.

Marimar wants to educate people about self-love aside from traditional beauty.


When you go to YouTube, there are many typical videos that advise women how to look beautiful according to traditional standards. Marimar Quiroa wants to change that.

For her, beauty means having to accept who you are.


If you love yourself and you can ignore the bad things people say to you, then you truly know what beauty is.

Her mother, Maria, was not aware of her tumor until Marimar was born.


When Marimar was younger, she had to struggle a lot because of her unusual appearance. She had to undergo many surgeries because her head was incredibly big. Now, her face and mouth have shrunk a bit.

Marimar can only breathe through a hole in her throat.


Also, she has to eat by using a tube located in her stomach. She cannot hear much using her right hear.

Whenever she looks at herself, she would say that she is beautiful.


Marimar would remind herself about the things she is good at in order to gain confidence over the years.

Through makeup and beauty, she can explore different looks.


This helps her and others realize that beauty can take many forms.

Marimar has now garnered over five million views on YouTube.

She also receives so many positive messages from users. And when people stare at her in a strange way, she stares at them too until they stop. Aside from her YouTube fame, she is also a certified Zumba teacher.

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