Mimi Faust Reveals Spills The Beans About Stevie J Molestation Allegations

"She’s a conniving person."- Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust Reveals Spills The Beans About Stevie J Molestation Allegations

Mimi Faust is done with Joseline Hernandez and her wicked ways of doing things. And she could not have been any clearer about it. Faust sits down with the VH1 to discuss regarding the Joseline's pregnancy as well as Puerto Rican Princess' accusations about Stevie J molesting their daughter.

She definitely raises the bar when it comes to disclosing things about the star cast of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

Let's get the inside scoop of the things being said in the chit chat with Mimi.

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Called Joseline a conniving person.



"She's a conniving person. That's who she is, and people need to wake up and recognize who that woman is. She will try to befriend you just so she can turn around to use it against you or stab you in the back. She's done it to everybody. Karlie still wants to give her a chance and a pass. I'm like, "good luck girl." She will never in life get a pass from me ever again. Ever."

Is Stevie J really the father?


Advising Stevie J to make sure that if he is the father of Joseline's unborn child. Plus, she adds that even if the child turns out to be his, she won't allow her daughter to be anywhere near both Joseline and her child.

On asking whether there will be any relationship with Joseline's child, she says something.


"Not if I can help it. I want nothing to do with that woman, or her child. I'm sorry, she has done the most horrible things to me. She's done horrible things to my family. She's made serious serious accusations about my daughter, her father, her grandfather. It's disgusting. I absolutely want nothing to do with her. Ever. Ever. Ever. Nor my child. So, unless that child is of age and can go somewhere on its own, and she has nothing to do with it, maybe then yes, but if my daughter has to be around her again, that's not happening. Ever again in life."

Mimi even refused to be in the reunion of the show with Joseline.


"There's no problem as long as it's me and Karlie [Redd] alone. If there's someone else joining us that I don't approve of, I'm not doing it. If you send Satan's spawn in here I'm gonna get up and walk the fu** out, just know that."



"I was supposed to shoot with Joseline and I flat out refused. I have nothing to say to her, so why would I film with her? The last few times I've filmed with her, she's been completely disrespectful and just disgusting and film with her for what? She's trash. She doesn't know how to behave herself. Like she acts like a complete lunatic. If she could like be normal, maybe – like everyone has refused to film with her. No one wants to film with her. She's horrible."

Do you think so much hate against is fine?


Well, I have no idea, do you?