India's Craziest Family's Secret Is Revealed In This Video

What they did next will...

India's Craziest Family's Secret Is Revealed In This Video

"Once upon a time in a far and distant land, on this planet of course,

There lived a family which was no different from all sorts.

Where a 'Namaskar' or a 'Pranaam', was been converted to 'Hello' and 'Hey',

Where the values and etiquettes were kept at bay.

From 'sarees and suits' to 'gowns and stilettos',

From 'kurta-pajamas', to 'tuxedos'.

Boring sophistication and showcased luxury,

The aura was simply zero thundery.

This was a modern Indian family who was at a party,

It was Granddad's birthday and no one was hearty.

No happy children around the cake,

Also, their parents did no ice-break.

The dull party was starving for a spark,

To make it all happily up-to-the-mark.

Read the rest of the poem to know,

What made them so crazy, an ultimate freak show." 

"Happy birthday, Granddad", nobody sang...

India's Craziest Family


It seemed like a worthless event with no bang.

India's Craziest Family

Wait, what just happened? The mood now seems fit.

India's Craziest Family

Yes, I guessed right, it is Dunkydoos, from Dunkin' Donuts.

India's Craziest Family

India's craziest family's secret is now finally revealed! Watch the video here...

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India's Craziest Family

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