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India's Craziest Family's Secret Is Revealed In This Video

"Once upon a time in a far and distant land, on this planet of course,

There lived a family which was no different from all sorts.

Where a 'Namaskar' or a 'Pranaam', was been converted to 'Hello' and 'Hey',

Where the values and etiquettes were kept at bay.

From 'sarees and suits' to 'gowns and stilettos',

From 'kurta-pajamas', to 'tuxedos'.

Boring sophistication and showcased luxury,

The aura was simply zero thundery.

This was a modern Indian family who was at a party,

It was Granddad's birthday and no one was hearty.

No happy children around the cake,

Also, their parents did no ice-break.

The dull party was starving for a spark,

To make it all happily up-to-the-mark.

Read the rest of the poem to know,

What made them so crazy, an ultimate freak show." 

India's Craziest Family's Secret Is Revealed In This Video

India's Craziest Family's Secret Is Revealed In This Video

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"Happy birthday, Granddad", nobody sang...

India's Craziest Family

It seemed like a worthless event with no bang.

India's Craziest Family

Wait, what just happened? The mood now seems fit.

India's Craziest Family

Yes, I guessed right, it is Dunkydoos, from Dunkin' Donuts.

India's Craziest Family

India's craziest family's secret is now finally revealed! Watch the video here...

Upload your craziest selfie with a donut on WittyFeed's Facebook page...

India's Craziest Family

... with the hashtag #Dunkydoit and the winner with the craziest selfie will win an exclusive gift hamper from Dunkin' Donuts! Upload your selfies here.

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