What Do Women Think While Making Love?

What Do Women Think While Making Love?

Sex is not a plain fantasy for women. It's also an activity which makes them think of odd and silly but valid trains of thought. These thoughts they are processing while doing the thing are actually controversial and it can possibly ruin men's ego on the spot. That is why, for one, women keep it from themselves. Who would like to end up a sex drive in a decreasing manner anyway? 

Now, if you're clueless about this and maybe, just maybe, you're affected by a woman who looks like a philosopher thinking too deep while she's maneuvering the game or while you're working on it, better try to relate yourself with the following.

Read ahead and unfold her mysterious mentality.

"Do I really have to put the condom on? But how?"

She may look so fierce from handing the condoms, opening it, attempting to put it to your sexy banana. Apparently, she's having a very hard time on how to put in best in that very short span of time. By then, she's praying to the goddess of sex education or to her sex education professor back in Junior high.


"These hard balls are cute. Are they for keeps?"


Not all the women are sexually fascinated about your masculine balls. If you want to maximize your sexy time, give her the best 'balls how to'. Instruct her with all your might.

"Do I like to continue this further? Seems nothing's happening"


It is never normal for girls to feel the boredom if they're really getting the hang of it. When they start to smirk or are looking at you without saying anything, she's about to leave you from the game. That's going to be really tragic if ever.

"Put me on top and I'll show you one thing"


Man, she has her dominant side too. When she gives the hint or interest in 'running the world' by asking you to place her on top, do it.

"Please man, don't finish it yet"


Mind you, women have multiple orgasms, and not every girl has the superpower to come and come in a matter of a minute, or at least at par with your fast ejaculation. Keep in mind you be less selfish and make the sex longer and more memorable by investing more time.

"Ooops. No anal, please. Good lord, no anal please"


What's the purpose of a vagina when you don't utilize it fully. Never ever push her on her 'A' spot. Let it be the least painful hole in her body. 

"My lingerie was too expensive, why did he ruin it?"


When the act gets too exciting, there's a tendency for either of the partners to break and tear one's undergarments apart. Never be too much. You'll never know how truly expensive her lingerie is so please be careful, like always.