How Jugnoo Has Changed The Lives of Autowalas And Why You Should Respect Them

How Jugnoo Has Changed The Lives of Autowalas And Why You Should Respect Them

It was the time of midnight. I with one of my friends was returning from the last show of the movie. We were trying to book a taxi cab, but there was some technical issue. Suddenly, we saw a lightning auto rickshaw with amazing music. It was so attractive, that we quickly gave up the idea of a taxi and got into his auto rickshaw.

While we were sitting in there, we felt like we are in some disco. It was so happening, that out of the curiosity I asked the driver "Bhaiya, itna decorate kyu kar rakha hai rickshaw ko? " Instantly he replied, "madam ji apna to pyar yahi h, isko saja k rakhta hu to car ki kami mehsus nhi hoti. Ek time tha jab dancer banna chahta tha, but rickshaw chalana pada, to gadi me hi gane sunne laga. But apne bete ko to jarur banauga."  And that autowala was so smart by guessing our choice, he started playing songs like "Purani jeans our guitar" it left us stunned.

After enjoying that small journey, I kept on thinking about that guy and his life. He gave up on his dream to earn for livelihood. And what the important role they are playing in our lives, yet not treated well. They are dropping us from home to office and office to home. They are dropping many kids safely to their school. They are spending more than 14 hours a day to earn for their family. And we always try to negotiate with them, and treat them like they are not humans.

My sister usually gets the same auto rickshaw daily, to go to her office. One day she got late, and told me that she won't get rickshaw today. So, I decided to drop her, but we both got surprised when we got down, that autowala was standing there. Then he told us, he knew that if he would have left then she would get late to the office.

We both were so touched with his words. We never thought that ways, that's what important role they are playing. They are humans with a heart full of dreams, love and care. We just need to treat them well and make them our friends.

This beautiful video by Jugnoo will leave you speechless. What are their dreams, how they feel, and why they are our friends, we never bothered about it. This video will show you the unseen but beautiful aspect of humanity. And yes, Jugnoo is beautifully changing their lives.

Badhao #dostikahaath

Respect to all the auto drivers out there #Dostikahaath


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