Jason Statham Finally Revealed Training Secrets Behind His Rock Body At 49

Jason Statham Finally Revealed Training Secrets Behind His Rock Body At 49

Many celebrities have been following a really hard training and diet to get into the character in a movie, but most of them have lost size in time.

Jason Statham is a different case because he doesn't work his body to get a job. He's a born athlete. In fact, he started playing futbol with his friend and neighbor Vinnie Jones, the charismatic Leeds United and Chelsea player.

However, his best performance was in the swimming pool. At his 11 years old, he joined the Britannic National Team of trampoline jump. Then he joined the Britannic Army. At last, he got into the world of art and even fashion.

He had to wait 'till his 31st birthday to enter the big screen.



He debuted in "Lock and Stock," a Guy Ritchie's thriller. And then he was in "Snatch."

Even so, he became famous with the movie "Transporter" in 2002.


Now at 49 years old, he's one of the biggest cinema celebrities.


Theoretically and practically, because he keeps his physique quite good.

He's an expert in Martial Arts, just like Kung Fu, Karate and Kickboxing.


He trains daily and follows a very specific diet to keep his muscular body.

Jason Statham doesn't hide his information.


His diet and tricks have been shared: 95% of his food is healthy, the 5% left is cheat meal. No sugar in the afternoons.

He has two main rules.


1- Change your workout routine.

2- Record your numbers, weight and times.

He's also shared his workout routines.


Jason starts with low intensity exercises like bicycle. Then he goes with medium intensity exercises like push ups, burpees, abs and squats. Finally he goes with high intensity interval training.

Watch the video here!

That's how you get to your 49 like a bull!!!