#JunkSAIS: Here's Why You Should Not Study In The Philippines

#JunkSAIS: Here's Why You Should Not Study In The Philippines

If you've thought of studying in the Philippines, specifically at the University of the Philippines (UP), stop dreaming and find another choice. 

Supposedly, when you tag an academic institution as a premiere state university, it usually contains state-of-the-art services, full government support, highly intellectual students regardless of social status, and favorable treatment from the administration. But in the Philippines, everything goes the opposite. 

The University of the Philippines (UP) was declared as the National University stipulated in the Republic Act 9500, also known as the UP Charter. This national legislation passed in 2008 enclosed a very clear idea that UP as an institution must contain the best quality for the intellectual Filipino people, regardless of sex, religion, race, socio-economics and any other social segmentation. Even with this 'safeguarding' documents, the institution's stakeholders experience oppression and maltreatment. 

One of the most provoking current events involving the university is related to its registration procedure. The current administration adopted a Php700,000,000 or almost USD 15,000,000.00 project known as the 'eUP' that gave birth to an online registration platform, the SAIS. Contrary to the assumption that this large chunk of money will enable to deliver an efficient online process, it actually put students to confusion, depression and chaos.

Come to think of it, for one,  the programming may sound so credible because it was provided by a known company but the output is not user-friendly. Also, It's not properly designed aesthetically even. Who would ever think that the value justifies the output? It's unbelievable!

Now, students are very vocal in the social media about this outrage. They are calling for the system to be put into trash and rot forever. Their call? #JunkSAIS.

Want to see some? Here we go. 

"This is just one of the many reasons why #JunkSAIS #JunkeUP"


Risking their lives to get the 'slots'.

It's even raining but the locations for access are too limited. What now?

'Beyond the interface argument'..because it risks people's safety. Boo! 

Woah there.

I know, it's going to be possible if nobody will enroll at the University of the Philippines, yeah...

Dance to the beat to ease the frustration.


#JunkSAIS Combo

More unsafe students roaming around the campus at midnight.

'Education is a right' argument is here. Indeed, it is.

It's college but students are still accompanied by their parents because of this. Shame!

Student formations showing support for #JunkSAIS

Update: It's getting media's attention!

...and many more, like hell.

What #JunkSAIS Story do you have in store? For others who are planning to study in the Philippines, do you still want it? I hope you've changed your mind.