Sunny Leone Did Embarrassing Act At Pro Kabaddi And This Indian Man Totally Lost His Mind

Sunny Leone Did Embarrassing Act At Pro Kabaddi And This Indian Man Totally Lost His Mind

Sunny Leone has become a biggie in Bollywood and besides this, she has marked herself in the business world too. After Sunny had left the adult television industry, since last few years, she took major decisions that have certainly changed her life and peeps perception towards her.

She shook her hands with Bollywood and successfully made us believe that she can be a fabulous actress too. Then, recently she challenged herself and beat her biggest fear laying her hands on singing. She got this idea a month ago when she was sent an invitation to attend Indian Pro Kabaddi League held in Hyderabad and asked to sing the national anthem. 

After rehearsing for a whole month eventually, she sang it before thousands of people sitting inside the stadium and millions of others who were watching the event on screen. Where several people liked her for singing and respecting the national anthem, there were others too who spotted the words she pronounced incorrect. They felt so offended that they snatched Sunny into legal troubles.

Read on to know more.  

Sunny attended Pro Kabaddi and wore white ethnic outfits which perfectly cut out her. 


She was praised for her looks. 

The event started with her singing the national anthem. 


Sunny was very excited for the event and rehearsed for it around a month. 

Various people including celebrities liked her singing. 

Sunny Leone

But, it took her into the pit of laws. 

Sunny Leone

An Indian man spotted Sunny mispronouncing some words and filed a case against her stating that if she can rehearse Hindi dialogues for her movie then why not the national anthem. 

Well, here is the video showing Sunny singing the national anthem. 

Do, share with us if you find any such flaw in her singing.