He Is Turning Old Buildings Into Masterpieces And You Won't Get Over It! 

Creating magic with murals!

He Is Turning Old Buildings Into Masterpieces And You Won't Get Over It! 

Someone is on the mission to make the world a better and beautiful place by restoring the old buildings with his stunning paintings. Pat Commecy and his team make buildings look more beautiful by repainting them with gorgeous murals. These murals are full of life, sometimes so real that you won't believe your eyes. He uses optical illusions and details the work by using 3D art.

Have a look.

1. Something brilliant out of boring.

Restoring through murals

Commency gave it a touch of life to give this building a pulse.


2. Saint Jacques de Compostelle

Mural on front facade

The incredible stained glass pattern.

3. Lights! Camera! Action!

Captivating elevated structure

France is home to famous film directors and their biggest gathering is at The Cannes Film Festival.

4. Exposed brick converted into luxury condo.

Look at the make over

Looks like one of the most upscale condos in the town. The neighbours would surely get a feel of living like kings and queens.

5. Reach for realism 

An upscale look

A side of a skyscraper was painted by Commecy and company to seamlessly blend into the neighborhood behind. The trees and the wildlife appear real.

6. The River.

Mix of nature and concrete

The gorgeous forest in the background of this mural appears so real.

7. Romeo and Juliet 

A romantic look

The famous scenes were recreated by Commecy and company where Shakespeare's two famous lovers call out for each other.

8. The world through the eyes of an artiste.

A gateway to romance

I guess Commecy might go on a tour to give the walls around the world a touch of his beauty.

9. Romanian Gallary.

A classic look

Beautiful mural of an art gallary.

10. Keep looking at it, it's full of depth and beauty.

A picturesque look

Renaissance comes back to life. A piece of art indeed.

11. The 7th art.

Art on display

You might want to walk inside and watch the play. The mural looks so real.

12. The dancing parade of merry people.

It is all about happy living

The depth is breath taking.  What Commecy does with the walls is astonishing.

Do you like Commecy's work?