22 Things Starbucks Doesn't Want Its Customers To Know. #19 Is Super Useful For Everyone!

22 Things Starbucks Doesn't Want Its Customers To Know. #19 Is Super Useful For Everyone!

Starbucks is practically a part of everyday life for many people, whether they are teens, professionals, or simply ones who need their dose of caffeine. Their coffee tastes great, and the ambience in their cafes are exquisite as long as the people are decent.

But do you know everything about your favorite coffee? Take a look at this list and you will have a better Starbucks experience!

1. Never forget to thank your barista.


You might think you're paying too much for a cup of coffee and you deserve to be rude, but the barista always does his best to freshen up your day through his excellent service.

2. Always tell the barista to heat your baked goods.

Don't just accept them while they're cold. The barista will kindly heat it up for you.

3. Get some coconut milk for your drink!

If you love drinking the mango black tea lemonade, try to have some coconut milk added in it.

4. Ask something special from the barista.

If you want to be surprised, tell the barista to give you a drink that he always wants to have.

5. Act like you are simply having coffee when you are actually drinking wine.

Yes, this can happen because a bottle of wine can fit in a Starbucks Trenta cup.

6. Don't forget to utilize your Starbucks Rewards Card at the airport.

The drinks in the airport can be very expensive, so take advantage of your card.

7. You can use the top as a coaster. 

Starbucks unknown facts

Just take the top part of the cup and put your drink on it.

8. Try to be friends with your barista.

Starbucks unknown facts

If you successfully do this, you might not have to pay more to get extra stuff.

9. When ordering coffee, tell them to put less ice.

If you do this, you taste more of the drink and actually get more of it in terms of the amount.

10. You have to try the pink drink.

Specifically, you have to order a Strawberry Acai Refresher and have some coconut milk with it.

11. Be efficient by using a large Starbucks straw.

Even if your drink is not that big, the length of the straw will allow you to get more without moving a lot.

12. Use the Starbucks app.

You can easily skip the line if you just order a drink online and wait in the cafe.

13. Get yourself a s'mores latte.

Just tell the barista to give you two pumps of milk chocolate, 3 pumps of vanilla, and 3 pumps of marshmallow.

14. You can order less hot coffee.

If you won't be able to drink your hot coffee immediately, tell them to keep it at kids' temperature.

15. Have a Christmas drink during any time of the year.

Tell the barista you want a hot chocolate containing two pumps of peppermint.

16. Order a tall one in a Venti cup.

If you do this, your drink can have a lot more cream or milk while still being less expensive.

17. Get a brownie that you can drink.

Tell the barista you want a Soy Hazelnut Hot Chocolate. It really tastes like a brownie.

18. Become drunk with a Starbucks drink.

Simply order a Starbucks Cool Lime Refresher and add some tequila in it.

19. This is how you should order Starbucks drinks.

You have to tell the size of the drink and whether you want it hot or iced first.

20. Try their Irish butter.

It's true. Moreover, the Irish butter is free to have at Starbucks.

21. This is how you look like you have some fancy cheese plates.

Just order two Starbucks Cheese Bistro Boxes and put them on plates.

22. Get a Starbucks Iced Mocha drink for less.

Tell the barista you want an iced coffee with some mocha syrup. This one will taste just like Iced Mocha.

What other Starbucks hacks do you know? Share this with your family and friends!