Android N's Official Name Is Out And No, It's Not Nutella!

Android N's Official Name Is Out And No, It's Not Nutella!

Google has finally unveiled the new official name for Android's new version. And it is Android Nougat. Sighs.

Well, it's not what we expected and definitely less popular than Nutella. Remember, Google came up with user chose name formula to name Android N. Well, I didn't name it Nougat, but still it's better than someone naming it Android Nipple.

Yeah, people gave very weird name ideas too. Anyway, Google finally decided to go with Nougat. Well played Google. And, this time, Google revealed it on Snapchat, not Twitter. That's a new move, right?

Let's have a look at it. Also, at how twitteratis reacted to Android N's new name.

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Here, watch the unveiling ceremony.


First time ever, Google used the Snapchat to reveal a new product name.

Android Nougat

Later on twitter too.

Again, Indians never loss hope.

Apple fans right now.

How's this name for Android N?

Sorry bro, it's not Nutella.

Android Netflix! That would have been great.

So, did you like this new name - Android Nougat?