Causes, Symptoms And Cure Of Vaginal Infection Every Girl Needs Know Right Now

Causes, Symptoms And Cure Of Vaginal Infection Every Girl Needs Know Right Now

The vagina is the most delicate and sensitive organ of the woman's body. It should be kept free from infection. The genital area has many bacteria and a small number of yeasts, which is a healthy sign. The bacteria in the vagina keep yeasts under control. The excess growth of yeast can cause vaginal infection. These infections are very common and can be treated at the initial stage. The infection causes irritation and itching in the vagina. The causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of vaginal infection is described in this article. 

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What causes vaginal infection?

Causes Of Vaginal Infection

There are many causes which can affect your vagina. An organism, yeast which is present in the vagina in small numbers, when the yeast grows in numbers, the vagina is infected. And the main reasons for the excess growth of yeast are:

1. If you are using antibiotics. 

2. Using a high dose of birth control pills.

3. If you are suffering from diabetes and your blood sugar levels are high. 

4. Your immune system is damaged. 

5. If you are overweight, there are high chances you may suffer from vaginal infection. 


Symptoms of vaginal yeast infection. 

Causes Of Vaginal Infection

Now, how do you come to know that you are suffering from vaginal yeast infection? If you can observe the following things, you are likely to suffer from vaginal infection. There are more chances of getting a vaginal infection during a week before menstrual cycle. 

1. You'll have severe itching and irritation in your vagina. 

2. The fluids that the vagina carries and discharge to prevent infection becomes thick, odorless and clumpy. 

3. The skin around vagina becomes red. 

4. Your vagina tends to pain while urinating when urine touches irritated skin.  

5. You suffer pain in the vagina during sexual intercourse. 

The other causes which increase the risk of vaginal infection. 

Causes Of Vaginal Infection

It is to be noted that vaginal infections are not sexually transmitted. There are many other causes which increase the risk. They are:

1. Taking too many antibiotics kill good bacterias and result in growing of yeast in the vagina which affects the vagina. 

2. Wearing tight fitted underwears, that doesn't absorb moisture and warmth also cause infection. 

3. Using talcs, sprays or perfumes in the vaginal area. 

4. Washing vagina with water and vinegar, which is called douching can also increase the risk of infection. 

Prevention of vaginal infection. 

Causes Of Vaginal Infection

It's believed that prevention is always better than cure, follow the healthy regime and prevent your vagina from getting affected. 

1. Take healthy and balanced diet which is rich in proteins and nutrients. Also, the food rich in lactobacillus can be a part of healthy diet. 

2. Control blood sugar level, it will reduce the chance of vaginal infection.

3. Avoid unnecessary consumption of antibiotics. 

4. Practice good genital hygiene to prevent infection. 

How to keep the vagina clean?

Causes Of Vaginal Infection

Being the most sensitive organ, make sure you keep the genital area clean and hygienic. Keep the following things in mind while taking care of vagina:

1. While washing, use a mild and unscented soap and water. Wash it properly. 

2. If you are using a toilet paper, make sure you wipe it from front to back without letting toilet paper to transfer yeast from anus to vagina. 

3. Select a good cotton underwear which doesn't hold warmth and moisture and keep your vagina dry. 

4. Avoid wearing tight fitting jeans and underwear which tends to increase body heat and moisture. 

5. The moment you get out of the pool, change your swimsuit. The wet costumes will make genital area warm and moist. 

6.  Don't wear the same sanitary napkin for a longer time, change pads and tampons often. 

7. Avoid using deodorants, powder, and sprays in the vagina; they change the normal balance of bacteria in the vagina. 

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How to cure the vaginal infection?

Causes Of Vaginal Infection

If you are taking non-prescription medicine, take care of the following things. 

1. Use sanitary pads instead of tampons. 

2. Wash your vagina with water, avoid using soap. 

3. If your vagina is paining while having sexual intercourse, avoid it. 

4. If your vagina is swollen, keep a cold, damp cloth on it or sit in warm water. Do not scratch your vagina with hands, if it is itching. 

Important note!

Causes Of Vaginal Infection

If this treatment isn't working, it is recommended to visit a doctor. And it is advised not to self-treat vaginal infection if you're PREGNANT, suffering from STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection), having a recurring infection and not sure that these symptoms are of vaginal yeast infection.