27 Struggles British People Faced While Traveling Abroad

27 Struggles British People Faced While Traveling Abroad

You plan for a perfect trip a year or months ago. Sometimes, we visit places for a purpose or just for enjoing a sabbatical. Tickets are booked, maps are marked, bags are packed and bucket-list is ready. But, Satan never ceases to follow you. You reach your destination, but it turns out, the events unfold in an (or many) unexpected ways. 

With EU Referendum on head, immigration is one of the major aspect involved. Here are some of the 'British complaints' tweets from British living in abroad. 

1. Britain without a bar? :O Shameful!


2. Well, that's a real problem!

3. You DEFINITELY should!

4. Never betray a British for a tea. You know how much they love it.

5. And, proper biscuits too.

6. Uh, oh!

7. Man, you really fell for it. 

8. When 'fully-equipped' turns out to be a farce.

9. Holy mother of Christ!

10. I smell racism.

11. Hehe!

12. Savage

13. Seriously, what the hell?

14. With EURef Results taking its toll.

15. Uh-oh!

16. A HORN-y elephant, I see.

17. They really follow some hygiene-code, don't they?

19. Sounds Fantastic.

20. Haha!

21. Do Knock Disturb! 

22. It's a home for homeless. *smh*

23. Uh-oh!

24. Anatidaephobiac.

25. Vamos, ese (Let's go, Mam).

26. What else do you expect it to be?

27. Hah!

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