Kajol’s Little Daughter Nysa Has Grown Up And This Is How She Looks Now

You'll be surprised to see her teenage avatar!

Kajol’s Little Daughter Nysa Has Grown Up
And This Is How She Looks Now

While most of the star kids of B-town remain in the limelight, Kajol and Ajay Devgn like to keep their daughter away from media. Kajol's daughter, Nysa, and son, Yug, have never been a part of the limelight. However, recent pictures of Kajol's daughter Nysa show that she is no less of a celebrity than her parents. 

In these pictures, Kajol is seen vacationing with her daughter in London. She shared a lovely picture with Nysa on her Instagram handle, and I just can't help staring at the gorgeous ladies. Yes, the cute little kid has grown up into a teenager. Though Nysa doesn't look like an exact copy of Kajol, her lovely smile will surely remind you of young Kajol.

Nysa loves reading and swimming. She seems to be a girl who has gained maturity with time since she often guides her father. Even Ajay Devgn believes that Nysa is his biggest critic.

Let's check out some of then and now pictures of the star kid Nysa Devgan.

Nysa Devgan is no more a kid.  



Kajol and Ajay Devgan's daughter is grown up now. She has entered her teenage and looks completely unrecognisable in her new avatar. It is quite evident from the pictures that Nysa shares a great bond with her mother and father as well. You will be surprised to know that Nysa has no plans of working in Bollywood.  


Nysa being the elder daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgan is also...

Nysa being the elder daughter of Kajol and Ajay Devgan is also...

Nysa is a 14-year-old teenager now.  

...the biggest critic of her dad.


She might still be in her teenage but never holds back on putting her opinion about her Dad's acting.

Kajol rarely shares pictures of her daughter on social media

Kajol rarely shares pictures of her daughter on social

Still, we have been able to collect the following 14 more images of Devgn's daughter.

Rare glimpses of Kajol's daughter on Instagram


Just like the picture, the mother-daughter relationship is just adorable.

Some holiday pictures


When it comes to her mum clicking a photograph, she just cannot resist posing.

Don't you feel that Nysa is cute? 


She often makes the renowned actress pose for a click.

The Tika girl


Nysa knows how to flaunt her deeply rooted family traditions too after carrying that Tika in the above Instagram post.

Yet never fails to flaunt style with her father at public events


The girl knows how to dress for an occasion and makes sure that the paparazzi doesn't ignore capturing her rare public appearances.

The mother-daughter restroom click


Quite clear from the picture that she loves to click with her mother in frame.

The without makeup look


At times, Nysa never cares about how she looks and just lets her mother take a selfie with her.

The father-daughter bond


It is clear from the number of times she appears with her father in public that they clearly share a strong bond.

Ajay also keeps her close


Both of them know when to pose for the cameras and dazzle the fabulous photos.

Shopping time


It is evident from the above photo that the father-daughter hang out a lot, even shop together.

Some family time


The 14-year-old loves to spend time with other family members and we bring some family time photographs too, just for you.

In monochrome


In the photo, Yug (Nysa's younger brother) is having some good time on Papa's lap whereas Nysa is busy posing.

With Nysa in bikini too!


Though she has no plans to join the Bollywood clan anytime soon, her beach photograph seems like a movie shot only.

Lastly, she doesn't care where the camera is as long as her father is standing beside her.


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