One look Is Worth A Thousand Words : Humans of India

One look Is Worth A Thousand Words : Humans of India

Owning a camera and a passel of models sometimes is just not the most satisfying thing to do, Innocence and eyes that dream can touch and melt the deepest fragments and make you smile for so many reasons. 

Every  nook has a poem to sing, the streets are always filled with memories,citylights have the most unheard breathtaking tunes and the world is an ocean of secrets. So here Humans of India brings you the tiny tales that will make you paint a thousand words. 

Stay connected to what India feels : Humans of India 

For both of us, it was about getting lost. She got lost in her song, I got lost in her sway.


" has an indefinite power and magic all on its own. Its decor for my body, yet it also enhances my soul."

"I started feeding him, he started protecting me from the bullies. Now we're brothers."

"I like the way things are changing, now."

"I don't think I want anything more than to know what to do right now."

"I don't wanna smile because I'm not pretty right now. See!" she smiled wide for me. "I'm toothless!"

I've met a lot of people in India. I've even encountered myself.

"This is Akbar, mÄ"ra sabasÄ" accha dōst. He is also my camel, but my best friend first."

"Once my teacher asked me what my favorite color is, and I said 'Water,' because water can turn into all the colors like how a blue sky makes it blue and grey clouds make it grey. She said water isn't a color. I still think it is."

"My name is Shanti. I do this work to have food, so I thank Krishna for this." "How long is your work, today?" "Until it is dark, when I cannot see the bricks."

"I'm happy because...I don't know, I just am, always!" (&according to her mother, she was born smiling).

"I like school because now I can read and write, so my parents are very proud of me. Now I am teaching them!"

"My name is Meera and today I'm praying for my Dida to get better, and I'm also praying for mitha dahi [sweet yogurt] because that's our favorite."

“Didi, my shoulder is broken!” But I told her that her arm had several creases only because of the way she'd been sleeping. She heaved a great sigh of relief, and laughed gleefully.

"Sometimes I don't know if I should be angry and upset, or grateful to even be alive."

"I like all people, but there's one problem. Too many maniacs, too few Michelangelos."

"Art is the only way to runaway. I could never bring myself to leave my store or my home."

"Look! We're saying hello in three different ways. You're not even from here, and you understand us. Isn't that amazing?"

"My tooth fell out today, but it's okay because now my tongue has room to breathe!"

"Please, take this. It is a token of acceptance. Welcome to our home."

HOI The incredible.

"Knowing people has become overrated. Understanding people, the opposite."