17 Dirty Thoughts A Guy Has When He Sees A Sexy Girl

Yes, you!

17 Dirty Thoughts A Guy Has When He Sees A Sexy Girl

There's no way we could conceal our attraction to a person, and as for males, we cannot deny the fact that attraction towards a woman is real when it's feeling all over our senses. 

But then, have you ever wondered how cool or blunder your reactions could be? Have you ever thought of how it's manifesting in front of a girl you certainly admire? Well, have a look at these following common reactions men could think of when they happen to see a woman.

You won't believe that it's the same as yours, so have a look to confirm them!

"She's so f-ing hot! What time's the next class, by the way?"

University dudes can relate to this reaction. For them, it's better to look at how big this sorority chick's breasts and butt are for hours.


"Oh, so beautiful! Her boyfriend/ husband must be very lucky!"

More importantly, others could benefit from her beauty if you do not make the first move. Wondering too much without asking the right questions may lead you to nowhere.

"I wonder if she's still single."

Again, the benefit of the doubt is with her. The next best thing to confirm this is to inquire with respect.

"Oh. *glances* *Second glance* *Third glance* One more!

Sometimes, there are men who would just enjoy viewing the girls for so long. They don't need too much efforts to satisfy themselves. That's "for their eyes only".

"Damn girl"

Speechless. As simple as that. What's frustrating is that, after some minutes freezing for the same reaction, you would end up getting nothing. 

"Sh*t. She's looking at me. Oh no. Oh, please look at me. Please. Oh no, she's at it again."

Daydreamers are the guys with such attitude. These people feel enough that at some point, these sexy girls have a level of attraction towards them; but most of the time, it's just some freaky assumption.

"What a woman. But wait, is she approachable or not?"

The first impression is really last a lifetime. But to break or confirm this, a lot of guts are needed for confrontation and confirmation.

"What is she wearing underneath?"

This applies to perverts like you. Admit it, extremely hot girls would make you think this boring.

"Sexy, yes. What she does for a living?"

If you're a man who's after for credentials or honor, it's probably one of the first thoughts that would pop out to your mind.

"Not a lesbo, right?"

Sometimes, extremely beautiful girls may have homosexual preferences too. We cannot confirm it by staring at them. Although maybe, guys who have this opinion might have learned this from the past. So, I would not blame some guys for thinking this way.

"Can I ask her out or just for a one night stand, please?"

Yes, and yes. Especially, when you've made first moves successfully.

"I have to say sorry to my wife. This must be love!"

Oh oh. Infidelity radar's sensing something strange.

"The scent of her skin lingers on me now."

Especially when she passes by you, just two inches away. 

"Transfer me your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, We Chat, Skype and all other contact details right now, through brain waves."

You can only get what you want if you made this clear to her, personally. Please do not be scared enough, especially when you have good intentions.

"Almighty being, please deliver us from evil and wrongdoings"

Religious people will relate to this. "Bring us not into temptation" prayed several times withing the span of seeing a sexy woman.

"Our home is just a few blocks from here. Wanna come?"

That's very strong and leading. Remember, girls are expecting something big so do not fail them for being overconfident.

"Hi, I'm...shy."

Wrong. But who knows? This sexy girl likes you back, or she might give you a 'go signal' to do the next move. Of course, it doesn't happen all the time. Efforts are still needed, for real.