They Are The Chalk Romantics - The DangerDust!

They Are The Chalk Romantics - The DangerDust!

It was the darkest hour of the night. The muffled sound of rain only broke the silence. Suddenly, two shadows appeared from nowhere. With a colorful box in hands, they entered the wrecked gates. Then, they cleverly sneaked into the isolated classrooms. They were their to get their share of revenge!

No they were no thieves, they were rebels! Chalkboard Vandals.

Dangerdust are artists, who are in their final year of CCAD. They are very strict about their anonymity issue and hence they sneak in the night to create incredible chalkboard art that leaves you stunned, with a #dangerdust. They are inspiring, motivational and above all, very cool!

To know more about them, you can like them on Facebook, Twitter; you can sure visit them here.

Image Courtesy : DangerDust, Facebook


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