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8 Scientifically-Proven Things That Would Ruin Your Erection

Men, it is very obvious how intensely you care about your penis' erection and it's overall performance in bed, and your girls around you recognize your regimen to keep it stong for playful hours. Unfortunately, it seems that for the past weeks or so, things do not conspire and favor your sexual desires. Well, that sounds pitiful from this end, to be honest. You might have been very frustrated because you've gone through a lot of masculine ceremonies in order to pefectly sync your buff self to the abilities of your 'tool', but things still fail to work well.

You might have missed something from your do's and dont's. These stuff, for the record, are proven scientifically to ruin your erection. Honestly speaking, knowing this information is indeed a life-changing moment since the list contains things that you will never expect to give health effects and 'sexual dangers' at the very least. 

8 Scientifically-Proven Things That Would Ruin Your Erection

8 Scientifically-Proven Things That Would Ruin Your Erection

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1. "What you gonna do with that dessert?"


Spurging for sweets directly equates to investing for erectile dysfunction. According to related Irish and American studies, sugar introduces a lot of glucose to the body, and would eventually help increase insulin secretion. With that, testosterone will be propelled away from the peak, thus declines libido and boner rise. 

2. "If I could cry a little harder and get a little sleep at night"


University of Chicago's research on sleeping frequency and masculine body processes stressed that having consecutive days without enough sleep would pull testosterone down to up to 10%, considering a well-maintained health and lifestyle. So, better not deprive yourself from having naps and shuteye rests with only 5 hours or less, if you want your penis to stay erected in a favorable manner.

3. "Baby, Baby, Baby oh no"


In connection to lack of hours allocated for sleeping on your favorite bedroom, having some young human required of intensive attention and care--in other words, your baby, can cause a pivotal role on your erection problems. Well, it says alot about feeling sexually low when your body sense your baby's hormones on a negative light. According to a research conducted by Norte Dame and Northwestern University, sleeping with your baby in proximity decreses your testosterone levels by at least 7%. It's going to be that threatening!  

4. "I know they brought you back to the grocery store"


Based on the findings of US-based Health Consortium Kaiser Permanente,  there's a common chemical compound--named bisphenol-A (BPA), found in papers and inks utilized for grocery receipt printing that triggers men's estrogen levels to rise significantly. So, with this production and an obvious hormonal change, it can be justifiable to say goodbye to your hard and erect tool.

5. Oh man, you would hate those soybeans"

5. Oh man, you would hate those soybeans

Diet studded with soy and its nutritional derivates possesses estrogen-like compounds that you would hate when you care too much about your manliness. It was stressed by researchers from Harvard Medical School, though, that testosterone lowering can take place only with excess ingestion of soy.

6. Staying indoors too much

6. Staying indoors too much

German and Austrian researchers shared that minimal exposure to Vitamin D--morning sunlight on a regular basis can give a man a gift of at least 20% drop on testosterone levels. On the brighter side of things, Harvard Medical School shared that at least 15 minutes of exposure to midday sunlight would suffice your daily Vitamin D requirements.

7. Booze to kill your balls

7. Booze to kill your balls

Unfortunately, a study from the University of Oklahoma says alot about the negative effects of diversified liquors on sustaining a healthy testosterone level in the body. There are estrogen-like components hiding beneath beer and alcohol labels, and it is scary to imagine that these 'friends' have treacherous agenda on our sexual selves. 

8. "Running-manning" all day long is not a good idea


University of British Columbia found out that when you go beyond a harcore mile-length running period, there's a high chance that your male hormones would get the wrong reaction. Specifically, there would ba a minimum testosterone drop of 17% when you regularly run for a total of 40 miles each week.

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