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These 50 Nerds Of Grey Tweets Will Tell You How Dirty They Can Get

Nerds are all around you but you won't notice them because you won't see them partying around and socializing with people, you'll find them hiding behind the screens or books. And you might also have heard a lot of jokes about them.

But have you ever heard a nerd talking dirty? Probably not, right? But this guy on Twitter with handle @50NerdsofGrey hilariously nailed how would it sound if nerds talk dirty? 

So, let's check these hilarious tweets.

These 50 Nerds Of Grey Tweets Will Tell You How Dirty They Can Get

These 50 Nerds Of Grey Tweets Will Tell You How Dirty They Can Get

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Shouldn't he install Windows Vista to punish her?

They tried quite a lot of positions

Did he remove his device safely after playing?

What's your safe word? 

I guess she was not talking about food chains.

Hmmm, innocent public image.

True Harry Potter fan.

Well, that needs quite a lot of courage.

Too much a risk.

This mistake can't be undone.

That is a real torture.

Well, nothing can be harder than that, right?

Me too

Twitter problems

Can't do that in IKEA store

Nice twist.

She opened her mouth but ketchup won't come out.

An adventurous night.

What are they talking about?

Talk over the keyboard.

Stuck in boot loop.

Star Wars fan

Let's play.

A terrible terrible mistake.

What did you think?

He could never put them away.

Still not as huge as the real one.

Good impression

Everyone hates that.

Quite amazing

What did you thought, they were talking about?

Only nerds can understand rebooty calls.

Time for punishment.

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