Meet India's Iron Woman Who Has Turned Every Odd Into Her Favor

Meet India's Iron Woman Who Has Turned Every Odd Into Her Favor

The knots of stringent norms set by the society especially for women have started getting weak and breaking down after women took a step forward to live their life independently. One such woman is Yashmeen Manak, a female bodybuilder, who defied all the stereotypes created by the predominant society of men. She lived her childhood without any parental support. And when she grew up, the choices she made for herself, left her loved ones opposite her. She also missed an emotional support and stood alone in making herself something important and visible on the Earth. 

She had tough times throughout her life, but later she successfully managed to pull herself out of a strong shackle making herself enough stronger. Let's know about this badass woman, who has become an inspiration for all those who are still living their days in some corner of a room and wiping tears. 

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She was ridiculed for being overweight in her entire childhood. 



In one of her interviews with Fitnish, Yashmeen revealed, "Since childhood, I started putting on a lot of weight owing to the treatment of serious and prolonged illness, and this weight gain became almost incessant, not just the weight gain, but a terrible bout of acne also was a side effect."

She wanted to take a perfect comeback, but she herself didn't know the way. 


Yashmeen was tired of hearing those underestimating statements for her body and looks from her family and friends. She didn't have anything to say them immediately but she knew about the one fine day in her life when she will be able to show them everything that she has made for.  

It wasn't easy for her; everybody opposed but she didn't pay attention and followed her goal. 


Being a girl and born in India, it was nothing less than a challenge for Yashmeen to take a step of joining the gym not for getting an attractive figure but for the fitness and bodybuilding. 

Generally,  getting a masculine bod is a fad among males, but a female who is "supposed to" be delicate, soft and dependent on males for their security it is totally unacceptable. Yashmeen never wanted to remain in the group who follow the illogical norms of society and so, she broke the stereotype by joining the gym and developing as physical strength as men have in them.

With passion, dedication, consistency and self-belief, she won gold medals twice for her perfect physique. 


Yashmeen has won two gold medals, one in the woman physique category and another in woman fitness, organized in UP and in Pune in the year of 2016.  

The badass woman is also passionate about riding the heavy sports bike, like Bullet.


And, this is what her days start with. She is very fond of riding bikes.

Besides being a tough bodybuilder and an amateur biker, Yashmeen is also an entrepreneur.


She owns a gym in Gurgaon where she provides fitness training not only to girls but also boys. She has 300 people coming at her gym daily to seek the training from her. 

She is a motivation for every woman who doubts herself when the world starts questioning her. 


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