11 Condom Challenge Fails That Made Internet Laugh Like Hell

11 Condom Challenge Fails That Made Internet Laugh Like Hell

Social media has been used as a platform for various campaigns by politicians, celebrities, and people belonging to different communities. Since last year, there was a new trend of making people on the Internet participate in promoting and supporting the concern. It all started with the ice bucket challenge in which from Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg, every biggie supported the purpose. 

A few months back, a community coined a new concern on the Internet which was regarding safe sex. For supporting the challenge, people were asked to participate in a condom challenge, in which they have to throw a water-filled condom on a pal's head which should form a bulb hanging on their head. This has created a buzz on Twitter; people were seen sharing their videos of participation. 

But, though the challenge has a big purpose behind, there was a funny side of it, and it was the videos of people who hilariously failed the challenge. Let's scroll down to see them. 

Via: Twitter

The crazy challenge was initiated on social media to promote sex safe. 


The challenge was throwing a water-inflated condom onto the pal's head. 

There was a condition applied to win the challenge.

The water balloon of condom must not explode. It should create a bulb hanging around the person's headbutting of their air supply. 

People participating in the challenge were scared of getting hit by condom. 

Room-mate's experiment failed badly. 

It hit and exploded. 

They managed to handle it, but nothing was helpful. 

It slipped from grabbers. 

And, falls somewhere else. 

Their expressions were hilarious. 

The challenge was fun. 

Do share the hilarious challenge fails and also on a serious note please understand and promote the idea behind the condom challenge.