Woman Films Her Pregnant Belly, What She Sees... Amazing! (Video)

Woman Films Her Pregnant Belly, What She Sees... Amazing! (Video)

Motherhood is an incredible journey, and a motherly feeling is the best of all. It's just a supernatural phenomenon; everything starts with a miracle, and seriously pregnancy is just all about miracle things.

Every woman who is would be a mother, stretch herself to every extent and brings a new life into this world. Similarly, an incredible mother takes out her camera and films out her belly to show the signs of babies even before their birth. Scroll down and reach till the end.

Image Source: YouTube

Mother's pregnant belly.

Mother’s pregnant belly.

This mother's belly carries twin babies within itself. The bloat in tummy depicts the presence of babies inside.


She spots the movement.

She spots the movement.

After a while, the mother experiences few kicks, and this is pretty sure that the babies are poking the mother. After the poking, the movement of babies becomes completely visible. Don't miss the video at last.

Whoa, now that's a turn.

Whoa, now that’s a turn.

It seems that the twins are fighting for their place in the tummy. Jokes apart, the babies are twirling in the belly. 

Continuous nudging of babies.

Continuous nudging of babies.

Now this is really exciting to watch what next the babies do. The constant poking on mother's belly is so damn fun to watch.

Happy mother with the baby bump. Watch!

This momma is so thrilled that she films out a video to show all those experiences and phases through which she is going. Now it's your turn to share!