10 Terrible Things You Should Never Say To Patient Of Depression

10 Terrible Things You Should Never Say To Patient Of Depression

Depression is not only moral but an extremely tough illness to comprehend and fight against. We may have seen many of our friends, colleagues or relatives experiencing this situation. In that case, you may think of helping someone with your words and thoughts, but you never know the depressed person can take your words in the wrong context.

This is a list of all those statements, though well and healthily intentioned, can make the situation worse for the depression victim.

Try avoiding these comments to be helpful.

#10. "You Need An Outing Or Vacation"

#10.  “You Need An Outing Or Vacation”

Packing up bags and going for outing or holidays for few days is not the true solution to depression. People with depression even may find themselves faulty for not feeling well.


#9. "Try Thinking Positively"

#9. “Try Thinking Positively”

Sometimes people ask the affected individuals that are out of their way. Chemical and electrical imbalances cause depression in the brain so it's senseless to expect from the person to come up with the positive thoughts.

#8. "Why Don't You Try Doing Exercise?"

#8. “Why Don’t You Try Doing Exercise?”

Exercise is not a perfect cure for health problems; it boosts up the health benefits only in case if the person's brain is healthy state. Hence the depression sufferer is not healthy enough to perform any exercise.

#7. "Find Something To Keep Yourself Busy"

#7. “Find Something To Keep Yourself Busy”

Keeping oneself busy may be a good option for healthy people but suggesting a new work or job to a depression affected person is not at all being helpful. Work pressures worsen the mental problems.

#6. "Why Don't You Get Over It?"

#6. “Why Don’t You Get Over It?”

"Get over it", "You are freaking over nothing"...are few comments that don't provide any relief in situation. In fact if you disparage the problem of depression in front of the sufferer, it may make the situation poorer.

#5. "Will You Stop Whining?"

#5. “Will You Stop Whining?”

Sometimes we criticize the person saying that this psychological illness can cause further damage. Yes, constantly augmenting someone's feeling when the person actually wants to liberate himself of seems absurd.

#4. "I Understand How It Feels"

#4. “I Understand How It Feels”

Comparing the temporary mood swings of a healthy individual with a person's clinical depression is not appropriate. In fact, everyone has their different experiences towards depression. In that case, you should empathize that the situation is awful to go through.

#3. "But, You Seem So Happy"

#3. “But, You Seem So Happy”

Just like we edit and format our pictures before getting them uploaded on any social media. Similarly, a depressed person fakes his/her smile so as to hide inner restlessness. Just because your friend or another one is masking happiness on the face, doesn't mean that he/she isn't actually hurt internally.

#2. "Everyone Has Problems And Lot Worse Than You"

#2. “Everyone Has Problems And Lot Worse Than You”

Though unintentionally, but we misunderstand the person experiencing depression and the root cause of it. Hence, equating a person's battle against depression to someone with responsibilities is lot more than belittling the person's situation.

#1. "Let Me Know If I Could Help You Somehow"

#1. “Let Me Know If I Could Help You Somehow”

This comment is said with the best intentions yet but results in worst interpretations. But if you really want to help out the depressed person, make sure you do what you are promising or going to do. Else the false promises will let them down once again.