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16 Women Statement Shirt Fails, #10 Is Ridiculously Hilarious

Women can be as fashionable as they want to be. Whether they wear a formal dress or a bikini, as long as they have the confidence to carry it throughout the day, they can make their appearance more amazing.
Apparently, amidst these aspirations, some women wear just crap.
You can't deny this, it is just inappropriate especially those misleading 'statement shirts' that became popular as hell.
Do not get me wrong, statement shirts are fashionable, it's just that, there is a good way of carrying it or at least, a more decent way of wearing it. Why am I saying this much? Look at these images, you will understand. 


16 Women Statement Shirt Fails, #10 Is Ridiculously Hilarious

16 Women Statement Shirt Fails, #10 Is Ridiculously Hilarious

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1. "I <3 COLLAGE"


Wait, what? I think she's an art major trying to be an expert with collages. Cool.

2. "Mount and Do Me"

2. "Mount and Do Me"

There, there. She's gonna be the sexiest model of Mountain Dew commercial parodies, I bet.

3. "Real Boobs Rock"


What an amazing will to protect your 'fakeness'. Kidding.

4. "Girls suck, women swallow; act your age"


This may pose a double meaning, but it's true in its most wholesome sense. Which infant can drink a bottle of milk straight up anyway?

5. "Sex: Do It for the kids"


What a heroic lady. She's eligible to be the mother of this civilization.

6. "I wish these were brains"


Why? Are you not confident of the brain you have right now?

7. "Look at my chest when I'm talking to you!"

7. "Look at my chest when I'm talking to you!"

How can I even do it when I don't distinguish where's the real chest.

8. "Don't Call me a cowgirl until you've seen me ride"


Boys and girls, be her bull, now!

9. "Not everything is flat in Florida"


Check its topography, she makes sense.

10. "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful, hate me because I have huge boobs"


Be proud of it, and please don't stress yourself with those haters. Ha-ha.

11. "Not everything is flat in Iowa"


Good. She also makes sense.

12. "Lift this t-shirt BEFORE taking Photos"


A real model is inside, I swear.

13. "They're real and they're spectacular"


Not all big boobs are spectacular, some are overwhelming.

14. "Life's short. Get a divorce."


Seriously, some guy took you down?

15. "Do I make you look fat?"

15. "Do I make you look fat?"

It's too vain.

16. "Sorry I don't do boys"


Lesbians and bisexual females, attack her!

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