WWE Secrets Caught On Camera, Whoa!

WWE Secrets Caught On Camera, Whoa!

Secrets must be kept secrets. But the WWE seems to be failing miserably at the same task. It's no new news that the wrestling matches are scripted. In fact, it'd be a surprise to see anyone who's unaware of the fact. But that's not all where the WWE spilled its beans.

Here are five instances when secrets were revealed on camera.

1. Seth Rollins apologizing to Sting


In a recent match in the Night of Champions, Sting went up against Seth Rollins, and owing to the age gap, got some solid beating from his opponent. It was an intense match, so intense that Rollins felt the need to approach the icon and apologize for his wild hurting. Unfortunately for WWE, the cameras were in the wrong place that very moment - and the Kayfabe was broken.

2. Cena calling for moves

It is probably well known to many that most WWE matches are called in the ring. While some wrestlers have been able to come up with sly tricks to do the same, there are those who mess up and end up calling too loudly. Want an example of that? Well.... John Cena! In fact, Cena has got a knack to be caught calling moves on camera for the world to see.

3. Sin Cara's secret

Sin Cara's greatest audience engager was his superhuman entrance where he'd jump directly into the ring from the floor. However, that turned into a source of embarrassment and criticism from the audience when this video broke into the internet, revealing his secret.

4. Blading

Blading is perhaps one of the most popular 'secrets' of the wrestling entertainment industry. Blades are often used by wrestlers to add some blood-factor to their matches, to look more realistic and sprinkle in some drama. But it has often happened that the blades have been caught on camera - and hence another secret stay not so secret anymore!

5. The MSG Curtain Call

The MSG curtain call is probably that single moment in history that changed the very path of professional wrestling once and for all. When real-life friends who were set up against each other by the WWE script decided to go for a live display of their affection, it broke the Kayfabe. It was Scott Hall's and Kevin Nash's final match, and so, before they left for WCW, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Nash and Hall went on for a group hug after the match. The moment was caught on camera by someone in the audience, and instantly went viral.