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7 Terms You Should Not Google Even If You Want

It is safe to say that the biggest brainiac of the modern age is our dear friend Google. It keeps the record of everything and everyone. No matter what your query is, Google is here to give you more than required answers.

But hey, exceptions are always there. Yes, we know you can ask Google about anything. But for the sake of your sanity, DO NOT GOOGLE ANY OF THESE TERMS NO MATTER WHAT!

7 Terms You Should Not Google Even If You Want

7 Terms You Should Not Google Even If You Want

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1) Cup-1 girls-2

1)	Cup-1 girls-2

This one was no less than wildfire. People were actually wondering whether there is any truth behind one girl pooping into a cup and the other one eating it. Truth- maybe, Mess- major!

2) Slender man

2)	Slender man

This guy influenced a lot of teens to do some majorly weird stuff and perform violent acts. As if they need any help.

3) Soggy biscuit :(

3)	Soggy biscuit :(

Biscuits are yummy but after seeing this one, most of the people end up losing their appetite.

4) Trypophobia

4)	Trypophobia

If you fear holes (this has a lot of implications, btw.) then this is not for you.

6) Felching

6)	Felching

If you catch the drift then either you are all head over heels right now or you are busy puking your stomach out!

6) Blue waffle

6)	Blue waffle

Let's be real, you ain't no Percy Jackson, the demigod with daddy issues. You don't have the stomach for this.

7. Soggy Biscuit again...

7. Soggy Biscuit again...

You gonna feel yuck after looking at them and I bet you'll never be able to eat them again. 

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