10 Tinder Moments To Leave Your Jaw Dropped

10 Tinder Moments To Leave Your Jaw Dropped

In the era of hookups, it can be quite difficult to find true love. But all of us are looking for it nonetheless. And tinder can prove to be a rather surprising playfield for this hide and seek contest. Maybe you'll match with the man/woman of your dreams or maybe you'll have to bite hard on your lips to control the words that were about to escape your mouth- CREEPS!

These 10 images will help you understand the game better.

1) The ultimate gamer

1)	The ultimate gamer

This guy is way too much into naruto, clearly. But hey you gotta give it to him.. his "genjutsu" worked.


2) Replace the 'U' with EW!

2)	Replace the ‘U’ with EW!

What this image does not show is a roll on the other side of the bed, one in the kitchen, another in the garage and of course got to have extras right!

3) Isareyoukiddingme!

3)	Isareyoukiddingme!

On a curious note though, did she like his little Belgian waffle or not? isabelter?

4) OTT much?

4)	OTT much?

Hello, it's me. Me who? Crazy person you have never met before. I got you an unnecessarily over-the-top monologue.

5) Let's cut to the chase

5)	Let’s cut to the chase

Who has got the time to actually think of a witty pickup line? I'll just put it in *virtually* and be done with it. Wait..

6) Anything for rent

6)	Anything for rent

That right there is the height of desperation. How could you Thomas.. er.. actually do you have his number?

7) Spell check

7)	Spell check

With smooth lines like these, why on earth would this guy need autocorrect? Felifia cannot be saved now.

8) Dutch much?

8)	Dutch much?

10 0n 10 for efforts Daniel! But here's the thing, that's not quite the right way of going Dutch on someone.

9) Naked truth

9)	Naked truth

Honesty might be the best policy but this thread does not support that case. This has a strange appeal though.

10) Everyone likes guacamole right?

10)	Everyone likes guacamole right?

We get your obsession with guac sir, but this might not work out to your advantage. Just saying.