A Son Gave His Mom the Best Surprise for Christmas

A Son Gave His Mom the Best Surprise for Christmas

Gifts + joy = Christmas

A simple equation that sums up why holidays have such overly cheerful spirit. And what can be more joyous for a mother than being at the receiving end of the best surprise concocted by her son. For this particular mother, that's exactly what happened. Let's get into the details, shall we?

Let's meet the mom first

Let’s meet the mom first

The mom in the story here is Eva Goeb of Franklin, Indiana who was pleasantly surprised to meet this little bundle of joy this Christmas.


Now the 'little bundle of joy'

Now the ‘little bundle of joy’

This little creature, named Lily, was born on 8 December and was adopted by Eva's son, Donny, and his wife, Miranda, on 20 December.

3) Surprise! Surprise!

3)	Surprise! Surprise!

What added that extra oomph to the occasion was that Eva was not expecting Donny, who is in the Air Force and stationed in Hawaii, to be home for the holidays.

4) So much happiness

4)	So much happiness

Needless to say that Eva was all head over heels just to see her son and daughter-in-law, let alone their newest addition.

5) Facebook says it all

5)	Facebook says it all

Donny put up a status on December 21st to document the entire adoption process and the surprise finale of revelation to his mom.

6) Here's what Donny had to say

6)	Here’s what Donny had to say

"We had to keep it an absolute secret, but revealing her to our families was amazing," he wrote. Looks like the Christmas was merry after all for the Goeb family.

7) The perfect finale

To sum it all up, we have this cute little video for you to see for yourself how happy the Goeb family is.