10 Naughty Animals Who Were Arrested For Shockingly Serious Crimes

10 Naughty Animals Who Were Arrested For Shockingly Serious Crimes

This will be the most bizarre thing you have ever come across. And in today's world of glitter beard, dad bod and selfie shoes, this is something weirdly cool!

Cat burglars are not that bizarre. Everyone's heard of them. But have you ever heard of a real cat getting arrested for burglary? These animals are all guilty as charged, and were arrested. No, I do not kid you, sir; this truly happened.

See for yourself:

1) Naughty Oscar

1)	Naughty Oscar

Sweden was once terrorized by this fat cat named Oscar who is believed to be a real cat burglar. She was caught in a trap with her household items and cash. She was arrested and kept in jail for an entire night before her owner claimed her the next morning.


2) Goat ate flowers… Haw!

2)	Goat ate flowers… Haw!

A goat named Gary, resident of Sydney, was found guilty of eating flowers. Not just any flowers, the ones outside the Museum of Contemporary Art. He had a special lawyer appointed to him and was fined a whopping $316.00.

3) This cat's a smuggler milord

3)	This cat’s a smuggler milord

In 2013 Russia, a cat was arrested for smuggling cell phones and battery chargers in a prison. Apparently the entire prison had trained this cat to climb walls and slip through bars while cell phones and weapons were taped to its belly. The cat was under arrest for 2 weeks.

4) La swan de spy

4)	La swan de spy

A French swan was recently arrested in Egypt for spying. The bird was caught red- umm whatever it is- by a spy agent of the French government. What truly happened was that a local fisherman confused a migratory pattern reader with a spying device.

5) Armed goat

5)	Armed goat

In 2009 Nigeria, a goat was arrested on the grounds of being suspected of armed robbery. The locals believed that he was a robber who used black magic to transform himself into a goat. Nice voodoo to be honest.

6) Pigs chasing women

6)	Pigs chasing women

In Shelby Township, Michigan, a pig was arrested for chasing a woman and acting aggressively towards her. The woman got lucky as Daisy the pig got distracted by a globe lawn ornament and she got the precious seconds to call the cops.

7) Murderous elephant

7)	Murderous elephant

Ramachandran, a performing elephant, was accused of killing 3 women in Kerala. The 45-year old wild and out-of-control elephant ran away to escape its capture. When finally caught, his owner was asked to pay a sum of 30 lakhs to the deceased family.

8) Donkey that ASSaulted

8)	Donkey that ASSaulted

In 2008 Mexico, a donkey was put behind bars for kicking two elderly men. One suffered a fractured ankle and the other also found something to fracture. The owner ended up paying $420 to both the parties. What an ass!

9) Borders are only for men. Apparently not!

9)	Borders are only for men. Apparently not!

Bobby the monkey was arrested for crossing the India- Pakistan border. He was caught in the outskirts of the Punjab province in Pakistan. He was caught and handed over to the Bahawalpur zoo. The Pakistan government believed that he was some sort of a spy sent by the Indian government. *clapping*

10) This is just nuts!

10)	This is just nuts!

A group of 14 cute little squirrels were arrested in Iran by the Iranian army in 2007 on grounds of spying around the nuclear power plant near the Iranian border. We are out of witty things to say for Iran.