8 Adorable Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Make Their Boyfriends Go Crazy

8 Adorable Things Girls Do Unintentionally That Make Their Boyfriends Go Crazy

Men are simple little creatures to be honest. They are not that expressive, but that doesn't mean they don't love their partners. They love them very much. They just don't like talking about it. Mushy stuff is not their thing.

Despite being not so good at the art of expressing, they are really good at observations. They notice their partners a lot. And when you notice someone with so much of intensity, you stumble upon certain little things about them that you just love. Unintentional or not, your guy just loves them.

Here are a few:


1) Love <3

1)      Love <3

Men love LOVE. They will never admit it because they like their 'born tough' mask, but it's true nonetheless. The little compromises and sacrifices you make for you guy mean the world to him. They might not tell you, but they love your attention.


2) Pestering for happiness

2)      Pestering for happiness

Men don't just love your love. They love how sincere your love is. Everyone knows that when a real woman loves a man and her love is reciprocated by him, she returns it back in a way that just can't be compensated. In her attempts to love him more, she will do everything she can to bring a smile on his face. And he just adores it.

3) Looks do matter

3)      Looks do matter

Don't take it in the wrong way. We are not talking about your physical appearance or your 'booches and tooches'. We are talking about the sneak peeks you have of your guy now and then. Your guy loves the way you look at him. Girl, you have no idea what you do to him with that innocent look of yours.

4) Flip that hair!

4)      Flip that hair!

Every man loves him some good old hair! He loves your unintentional (or is it?) flipping of hair every other second. He loves the way you half-mindedly coil your hair strand around your finger. So girl, invest in a good conditioner and look irresistible.

5) Say cheese!

5)      Say cheese!

The best makeup a girl can wear is a big smile. Cliché, true. But it is a cliché for a reason. May sound cheesy, but your man just loves that smile of yours. And he loves it even more if he is the one behind it.

6) Determination

6)      Determination

He loves your focus and determination. It is the most adorable thing about you for him. Your focus just defocuses him.

7) His clothes are mine now

7)      His clothes are mine now

There is something about a girl, your girl, wearing your clothes. It just makes his heart do a double back-flip. It might not be a big deal for you girl but to your guy, it means that you are his. Plus you look totally adorable in his baggy clothes.

8) Break customs

8)      Break customs

A guy likes nothing more than a girl who texts him first, calls him first and does every other 'firsts' that aren't customarily required of her. It is a simple gesture yet it means so much to him. It shows him that you care about him more than the customs of the society.